Tuesday, April 15, 2014

booked for the season

used books
It is not a new thing to my readers that I love reading (haha see what i did there...clearly you like reading too!) But I normally talk about how much I LOVE my local library. Which don't get me wrong I totally do. You can get any book you want to read and don't pile up masses of books that you paid absurd amounts of money for....HOWEVER there are times when I like to OWN a book. I love old books, books with stories, bookplates that have other peoples names in them and a history of their own. I like books that are no longer published and you just can't find in the library and second hand book stores are just the place for me. 

I first came across Booked for the Season by accident. I was hoping to head to my local natural food store and couldn't find a parking spot. So I parked right in front of Booked for the Season and headed over to get my vegan nom on. On my way back the word BOOK bounced out at me and I had to check it out. This store is adorable and if you are into thrifting or book searching at all this is just your kind of place. 
used books used books used books used books used books used books
There is something magical about the hunt for books. They have tons of titles you would never have heard of. I love this shelf of older books so much.
used books used books used books used books
The owner also has set up a table near the cozy seating area in the first photo of the store with 'different books'. This space is meant for those who may come along with the book lover in their life but don't want to search on their own. These book are meant to get them interested. Some really funny and interesting reads in this pile. 
used books used books used books
So if your going to BUY books I highly recommend trying to get them used locally first. Then you can scour the internet for used versions as well, amazon is a great resource for this but I am also a huge fan of book exchanges like BookMooch (you can get rid of some books you no longer want! and find really cool international copies of stuff too. 
I am trying to live more locally so I am using Booked for the Season as my local used book shop of choice. If I cannot find something at the library I may then head over to my other favorite local NEW book shop Bookman's and fork over the cash to them instead of Barnes and Noble or Amazon. How do you get your read on? 

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: American Apparel
Shirt: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Jacket: My Mom's Hand me Down
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Monday, April 14, 2014


(photo credit not found...Google is smelly)

I have a confession. I am a Class 2 Grade A hoarder of vintage clothing. While touting a 'slow' lifestyle I just have kept holding onto things that I do not wear, do not want or that do not fit me. I have entire room dedicated as 'second closet' which I can now barely find anything in because the shoe organizer is overflowing and the racks are packed full, piles of sweaters and pants I don't even know if they fit!  So I have decided to start removing unnecessary clutter from my life. Not only clothing but books and decor as well. I just have so much stuff. I am hosting a PURGE party (not a swap..i don't want anyone's stuff) this week to kick off my PURGE. 

Yesterday I started going through everything deciding what to give away and realized I have great attachment to many of these items for a variety of sentimental reasons. Maybe it was a gift, a purchase when I was down or feeling sad. Whatever the reason I have come to the realization that by letting the item go I am also letting go of what is holding me back. Having all this stuff around is making my mind cluttered and unfocused. 

I started by just quickly piling into YES or NO. Put everything I thought I might want in one pile to everything I immediately said no to in another. This was hard...i tried to second guess myself many times but kept telling myself my INITIAL reaction is what I would stick with. I think by doing a purge instead of just automatically donating the things to a wonderful charity I know I can maybe see some of these items in the future on my friends and family. For some reason this idea really helps me which is where the purge begins. So let the purge begin. 

(this will become a series of posts as this is not a ONE TIME fix all of things but rather the beginning in a huge process...LETS DO IT TOGETHER)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

spring will be sprung

spring will be sprung
The blog world is a flutter with rants about winter and it is not that I disagree I am just sick of ranting about it..winter is obviously going to last like winter in Game of Thrones and will never end..sigh. NO BUT WAIT! It will end. In my neck of the Midwest it is set to warm up a bit this weekend. Of course right when I leave for California...but none the less there is hope out there!!!

spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung
I have found lately my style has been a bit '90's bohemian with a touch of Lesbian' as I am calling it. I am blaming it totally on the fact that I have been spending the past three months getting into character for my part in RENT (I played Joanne). I told myself as soon as the show ended (we closed on Saturday) I would get back into my normal clothing routine but I find I am really liking this style with this weather. However this day I did break it up a little by wearing this cropped TENDEN sweater and my Wolverine boots. Lately you can find me wearing my Doc Martens and my moms vintage leather jacket like a true bohemian (we call them hipsters now ;) in the 90s it was so bohemian ;)).

spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung spring will be sprung
I think traveling to Cali is just what I need to reboot my wardrobe. I need to start packing ASAP becuse it takes me so long to pack..otherwise I end up w/ 10 of the same outfit, too many shoes and not enough socks or some combination of stuff. I am frantically google searching 'how to pack efficiently' or 'how to pack awesomeness into one carry on' I am sure there are some awesome blogs ya'll could share with me. Any tips? 

~Outfit Details~
Plaid Top: Thrifted Vintage | Hope's Outlet
Cropped Sweater: TENDEN
Jeans: Easy Jean | American Apparel
Boots: Samantha Pleet by Wolverine
Bag: Chocolate Handbags of New York


Monday, March 24, 2014

scraps (what daisy did)

what daisy did
I AM ABOUT TO RAVE ABOUT THIS BAG. Yes this is technically a sponsored post but seriously these words could not be forced to come out of me for ANY free item, plus I am SUPER PICKY on who I say yes to letting me review things! It has to be spot on with my ethics. When I was contacted by Daisy and Ozric from What Daisy Did it took about 7 seconds for me to say YES to working with them! The bags are all made from recycled factory off-cut and rejected leather that may have otherwise been wasted, which makes each bag unique in finish and colour (see the spelling? they are also a European based company! and really colour should have a u its cooler that way). They hand pick their artisans on their travels, and work closely with them and their families over hundreds of cups of chai. The bags reduce the impact on the environment, reduce waste and help create work in the developing world. What Daisy did is a new small company that cares about the environmental and social problems we face today.
what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did
I can also fit my entire DSLR collection in this bag for a photo shoot. I simply have made a few pieces of foam/fabric to protect the lenses and other items and can fit everything in here. Plus the outside pockets still allow me room for my keys, iPhone and e-cig. Super important for me on a long day of shooting, editing and seeking out new clients! 
what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did
The construction of my bag is so mind  blowing as well. Every stitch detail is carefully thought out with the extra steps taken to ensure durability. Like I said I have been using this bag for photo shoots and can fit a ton of stuff in it. There is even an inside zipper pocket which makes it great for stashing lip gloss and any little bits that can get lost in your bag. 
what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did
Since What Daisy Did bags are made from leather scraps I thought the title was fitting! I decided to pair my 'scraps' backpack with my 'scraps' shirt from the Kickstarter I helped support. Up shirts are also made from factory remnants from fashion production and are ridiculously cute and ingeniously put together (seriously check out the link its cool). It also is a super flattering cut and made from some mega comfy fabric. They are another great company to support! I can't wait to see what they do once they get all the kick starter shirts out. In my dream I own a store they supports awesome environmentally conscious brands and brilliant ideas like What Daisy Did and the Up Shirt. 
what daisy did what daisy did what daisy did
I am so obsessed with this bag to the point where there will not just be ONE post about it but FIVE. And lately it has been the ONLY bag I am using. Sitting her in Chicago and normally I take 2 bags on trips and its the ONLY one I took.  So look out in the next weeks to come as I rave more about this bag!
Don't forget to check out What Daisy Did  for more amazing bags. I really had a hard time deciding what bag to chose, am ultimately happy with my decision but am already planning future purchases! They are just too fun as a company and I have enjoyed getting to know them as people through our emails. Also check them out on Facebook where they share all the fun travels they go on and sweet photos of  the awesome bags (reminding me DAILY how much I want more of them)!
~Outfit Details~
Bag: c/o What Daisy Did
Shirt: The Up Shirt
Sweater: Thrifted | Shelby's Place
Pants: American Apparel
Boots: Doc Martens (made in England)

Friday, March 7, 2014

maybe too slow

maybe too slow
Hello Bloggy World!!! These two photos pretty much sum up life lately. SO TIRED. So many wonderful things happening in my little world have resulted in a seriously 'slowness' to my blogging! I am here to share w/ you what has been keeping me busy and off slow your style. I have been growing my photography business, rehearsing for the part of Joanne in our local community theatre production of RENT and reading a lot for education and pleasure! This little indoor shoot seemed appropriate for how I am feeling lately! Playful, happy and also sleepy. Feels like I am go go going all the time but of course I learn to stop and smell the book bindings every once in awhile (reading or yoga are when I really can slow everything down). 

maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow maybe too slow
It is also all of a sudden WARM (if you can call 40F warm but seriously it has been so freezing all the time). Snow is melting and spring is coming which I KNOW means more excitement about the blog! Stay tuned!

~Outfit Details~
T-Shirt: From Powell's Books in Portland OR
Skirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet 
Boots: My go too babies from YEARS ago by Carlos Santana ;) 
Belt: Express from forever ago
Bracelet: Hightower Chains