Friday, August 31, 2012

day twentytwo. hats and tshirts

 A good day for some thrifting! Lauryn and I went thrift shopping before I headed to GR to visit my other good friend Anissa. I had a blast all day with both of these two ladies! Our first stop bright and early was Goodwill. We had a picnic in the parking lot before they opened of Panera bagels and coffee.

I don't wear hats a lot anymore but I have so many so I decided to whip some of them out! I love this fedora its so fun and summery. 

Native American Shirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Cutoff Shorts: DIY | Express
Shoes: Rebels | Uniquely Stranded
Bag: Moda Italiana | Thrift Store in Alabama found one on ebay for 2$ here! I adore this bag and this brand!
Hat: Fedora | Lane Bryant
Sunglasses: Awesomesauce | Estate Sale
Necklace: Gift from My Mom | Alice in Wonderland Inspired
Bracelets: Hightower Chains and Juicy Couture
Ring: Lane Bryant

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

day twentyone. upcycled sundress and Lauryn as a guest!

My pseudo cousin Lauryn and I got to spend a day at the beach (YAY!!!). She is so much fun and is so smart I love having her around! I am so excited for her to be attending Northwestern in Chicago for her Masters in Journalism at the end of September! She is also an amazing photographer and I had her shoot these photos of me.

This is actually a dress i remade from 2 fast fashion items. A top and old skirt from Forever 21. Normally when stuff goes bad form there I just got rid of it. But there was just a stain on the bottom of the shirt and i didnt really like the skirt (It was really poofy, i cut off probably 1 yard of fabric to make it what it is now). So i took them and some elastic and voila! The dress you see here. I made this well before I decided to do the blog so no tutorial but its pretty easy! Maybe I can make another one and show you how.

my sandals i got in Hawaii. I wore them basically the whole second half of my trip. Those and my hiking boots. I love them and wish I would have gotten them in more colors.

Here's Lauryn! She is wearing her moms top from the 70's. She wears a lot of thrifted and things form her moms closet. I have known her for her entire life and I can say she has a great fashion sense! She is also very thrifty like me! And being a poor college student (and future graduate student in Lauryns case!) makes thriftiness a necessity! 

She was a great model as well and I loved having her as a photographer!

My Outfit:
Dress: Upcycled from 2 fast fashion pieces from Forever 21
Shoes: Hawaii
Hat: Thrifted | Goodwill
Bracelet: Garage Sale
Bag: Garage Sale
Sunglasses: Estate Sale

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

day twenty. vintage floral print dress

This day was my moms birthday. We went to The Grill Room in downtown Grand Haven to celebrate. I wore this dress I got from Abate Arts (etsy), Sheri store changes frequently so its fun to check and see if she gets any clothes, hats, jewelry or dresses. Right now I am wanting this hat, and this rubik's cube because everyone who knows me knows I love me some rubik's cube!

Dress: Vintage Montgomery Ward | Abate Arts.
Shoes: Steve Madden | Plato's Closet
Purse: | Plato's Closet
Earrings: The 80's | Garage Sale
Cuff: I don't remember when | I don't remember where (LIKELY FAST FASHION)
Ring: Turquoise | That One Lady from Texas whose site isn't up YET.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

day nineteen. 90's print shirt and 60's sunglasses

Today I went garage saleing with the family and wanted to be really cozy. Its been ridiculously hot and while most people like to wear skimpy clothes a BIG silk shirt. I found this crazy 90's print one at Hope's Outlet (imagine that ;))! 

I've worn these shorts a lot in blog posts! Check them out here on Day Six, Day Seven, and Day Nine.

I like to keep my jewelry simple when going out and about in the sun. I wore my TWLOHA bracelet and my Harry Potter Necklace from Etsy

these sunglasses are SOOO crazy but I am so in love with them! 

I'm a super hero!!!!!

Shirt: Brand Label was cutoff. 100% silk from Hope's Outlet
Shorts: From Plato's Closet
Belt: From my sister
Purse: a vintage Nine West
Shoes: Toms
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Monday, August 27, 2012

day eighteen. A Mending Tutorial!!!!!

I have had a few mending projects sitting around so i thought it would be fun to do a "tutorial" / Slow fashion issue about mending garments! I think one of the most important things to know about mending is that you need to have a quality fabric to mend. Sometimes fast fashion can be just sew poorly but most times the fabric is no good either. This is a good time to say BYE to a fast fashion item and upcycle it some other way. The garments I have to mend today are all vintage pieces. Well made with just some wear and tear! 

The First Mending Project was a pair of vintage yellow shorts. 
These yellow sorts seam came out in the crotch area! Not a good thing at all. They were handmade so that made it easy to mend! Here i pinned together where the mending needed to happen.

I got my sewing machine out with some white thread and got to work mending the seam! I had some issues with my sewing machine that caused bunched fabric but i eventually got it all sorted out and when it was fixed it was done in a snap! 

The other thing was that the hem on the inside of the shorts was coming out on one side so i did a quick blind hem to hold the hem! Here is a great tutorial on how to hand stitch a blind hem. And another one on how to do it with a sewing machine.  I love the ribbon in the inside hem isn't it so cool! 

And voila! Quick and easy. I wore the pants that day, featured in Day Sixteen!

Mending Project Number 2 is my mom's 70's burgandy pant suit. I cant wait to rock this. The blind hem came out so i did exactly what i did with the yellow shorts. The fabric on these pants is much lighter so i had to be even more careful. 
Here is the hem that came out 

the other leg's blind hem

this was the result after i tried it the first time......the fabric was puckering really bad. I realized quickly I had put too many stitches in and they were too tight so i had to redo the hem!
See...... Too many and too tight stitches 

but TADA! it worked out and was worth the redo! Can't wait to feature these in my September Issues blog series coming soon!

Here they are with other projects on my sewing room door!

Mending Project Number Three was a green dress i got at Hope's Outlet. A button fell off moments before i bought it so i knew i was going to have to mend the button. 

here it is with the missing button

I hand sewed the button on with some green thread! 

i quickly learned that the one missing button was not the only problem with the dress. Two of the button holes on the dress had lost their stitching and all of the buttons really needed to be resewn. The threads were all loose. 
got some really light interfacing at Fields Fabric (Thanks for the gift guys!)
cut it into small pieces just large enough to fit over the button home
this was the first attempt. I ended up sewing together the button holes with a quick hand stitch to get the fabric to come together. Then you get out your iron and fuse them together!

After the sides were fused i used my button hole maker kit on my sewing machine to do it automatically. I love that thing i hardly have to think other than the placement.
they turned out pretty good and i ended up using my sewing machine to sew on all of the other buttons as well. 

Here is the back of it with all of its shiny buttons newly sew in! I am excited to wear this vintage dress now that its all fixed up!!!!!