Sunday, August 12, 2012

day three. houndstooth polyester pants and flower tank.

day 3 already! phew ;) this is quite the undertaking i have signed up for. I had a struggle today in that i finally tried on this pair of shoes at the boutique i work at and i so badly wanted them! UGH so I know shoes were one of my potential buys so I am thinking about them very much. I may blog about my research and decision making process once i decide either way ;) 

I love this top. I got it at Nordstroms Rack (FAST FASHION ALERT!!! and probably my favorite fast fashion location.. Designed by Pattison J. Kincade for Disney.) quite awhile ago but I love me some Disney and who does not love Flower from Bambi. Its 100% linen and super comfortable. I always wear a tank under it unless I am making a statement. This tank is from a fair trade store in East Lansing and I have had it for YEARS! Good clothes last long ;) 

So today was all about these PANTS!! ( Bogart of Texas - a 1960's designer) I got these at Hopes Outlet and I was so stoked. I died and went to vintage heaven that trip. Normally I find vintage in size 0 (and as you can see I am clearly no where NEAR a size 0) but someone gave away all of there amazing stuff IN MY SIZE. They were hemmed up from the 'bought' hem but i took it out cause im long legged. I will be posting a blog about my struggles with that and my first tutorial! Look out for the post I am calling "PICKLED PANTS" 

my mom took my pictures today and man did she make me look good. I love that we just have a school bus on the farm. It makes me happy :) The ring i am wearing is my mothers mood ring from back in the day :) it really doesn't work but I love it anyway. 

i was wearing my chainmaille bracelet AGAIN today and also the earrings I practically begged Randy to make for me to go with them. Hopefully he will get them on his etsy shop soon and I am certain he will be doing them in MANY colors :) 

this necklace is something i don't wear very often but i like it. The one thing I DON'T LIKE about it is it always gets tangled (SEE IN THE PICTURE)..... I cannot for the life of me remember where i got it but I am sure it was second hand...For years i have bought jewelry second hand or this is not something completely new to me. 

well hope all ya'll are having a great Sunday and have a great week! 
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