Monday, August 13, 2012

day four. leopard print and blue striped silks

a fabulous day for silks! when i put this outfit together i didn't even realize it was all silk but it was so comfy! 
skirt 100% silk (styleworks, a newport news brand as far as my research tells)
top 100% silk (Diane Gilman, a HSN/QVC regular designer, likely a 90's piece)

I have done the sock bun a few times but have never really liked it. It was like a throwback to the dance days! But i love how well it stays in. 

My purse was also a thrifted find, and my belt was my mothers back in the day and goes w/ this great outfit she wore that i cant wait to rock this fall. 

My shoes are from the boutique i work at Uniquely Stranded and are by Baccio. I love how the bed moves w/ you so you don't get that clunky sound when you walk! 

OF COURSE wearing my chainmaille bracelet again and my grandfathers wedding ring. 

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One of my favorite photographers Lindsey Marlow and fellow coworker! I will miss her when she is gone!

Here I am in the store! 
Thanks for following my blog! Look out for an exciting HOW TO tomorrow :D 
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  1. You are just tooooooo cute!! I want that skirt!!


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  3. thanks ladies! :D I generally CANT believe what i find at thrift stores. I get so stoked! made...with a story. I love it! I need to come up with many more ways to wear this skirt!

  4. Okay - so I see this as something you could wear to an office, shopping down town grand rapids, etc. I absolutely love this.


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