Tuesday, August 14, 2012

day five. Pickled Pants! Tutorial

Today I am going to have my first tutorial! I did this technique with my pants from day 3. This may be something some of you already know about but when my mother suggested to me what to do I had to share! 

I got these pants from Hope's Outlet. They were hemmed with an invisible hem by hand and as I am very tall i decided I wanted to let the hem out. When I did I had a hard time getting the hem crease out of the pants since they have been there probably since 1965....My mom suggested i use a rag with vinegar and water and steam the pants. I will tell you how. 

Set your iron on the hottest steam setting. 

Fill a small bowl with equal parts water and white vinegar. I suggest using about 1/2 a cup of each. I used way too much and it was just a waste!

Take out the seam of the pants (or set the seam of whatever you may want to re crease, you could put a crease in the front of pants/jeans or do this before you hem a skirt. Its also better than starch (eww) and the smell goes away once its dry! 

Lay pants flat on ironing board/surface (I sometimes just use a towel folded on a table...judge away). 

Dunk your rag in the bowl and saturate. Ring out extra moisture but keep fairly moist. Place rag on top of area you want to take out crease or re-crease. I folded my washcloth in half because it was so thin. 

Iron like you normally would but allow more time and steam to go through. 

Congratulations! Your pants are definitely pickled. After a couple steams on each side TA DA!!!

Can you tell which leg was pickled?  Obviously its the leg on the right in the photo. It was worth it, the outfit totally turned out great! I had to wash my hands a few times and should have maybe done it the night before. 

These pants were oh so comfortable! I am excited to try this technique some more! 

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