Thursday, August 23, 2012

day fourteen. red indian shirt and old red cars

Today I went and visited Hightower Forge to take pictures for his blog which should be up soon! I had a blast doing it. I was lazy and didnt feel like doing much so i threw on this amazing Silk shirt from India and some cutoff shorts.

Right outside the forge is this GORGEOUS international truck. I was in heaven CAN I HAVE THIS PLEASE?

These shoes are so comfortable. I got them from Lee and Birch in downtown GH. 

I was having no fun ;) 

My bracelet is an old piece which i LOVE. I used to have an amazing necklace to match but it has gone missing! 

Top: No brand tags. 100% silk top.
Shorts: Old Gap Jeans Cutoff
Shoes: S
Jewelry: Necklace thrifted. Bracelet estate sale (from Taiwan).

Thanks to Randy at Hightower for the photos.  I know he needed a break anyway from all that forge work!
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  1. I really like this top. And 100% silk. What a good find!


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