Saturday, August 18, 2012

day nine. 80's Black and White in the Corn

My mom and I quick stopped to snap some pics in our corn and weeds. As a weed scientist I loath and adore this corn. Its so odd for me to see weedy corn but I kind of like having all the reminds me of the control plots and doing research! (Had a plant dork moment there sorry!). 
I love this black and white top its really light and flowy and super 80's but i think by pairing it with some more modern shorts (or jeans soon here) it really makes it look like something you can find at Forever 21 or H&M. Some people might think this is too much. I get that.  I take a lot of fashion risks....its just my style! For others this may be a great top to alter, turn into a tank or alter the sleeves but i love the whole thing!

At this point the shorts were almost falling off of me! I have lost a lot of weight since i bought them and they tend to get baggy after i wear them for a bit! 

The ring i wore for this was handmade by a lady in Texas. She doesn't have an Etsy shop up yet but once she does I will post about it. She makes some awesome rings.

These earrings are from my mom's jewelry box. I love the feathers!  

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Top: Carriage Court (a Sears brand); Hope's Outlet
Shorts (Max Rave, which seems to be based on my research a Walmart(eww) brand; Plato's Closet) Shoes: Rocket Dog from DSW Probably 5 years ago.

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