Sunday, August 19, 2012

day ten. summer cutt-offs and country girl shirt

Today I bring you another 80's shirt! I took out the shoulder pads and voila! Looks like a fun top you could find at Forever 21 or the like. 

These cuttoff shorts are my favorite. They were an 10+ year old pair of express jeans that were too short so i made into shorts just by cutting off the jeans and folding over the seam. I ironed it a lot but never did the Pickled Pants idea. These I
ve worn for a few years so they have basically stayed like that! The belt is also from Express. It is probably 8 years old now. 

I don't ever wear shades in photos but it was just too sunny. I don't keep sunglasses well so i generally buy the CHEAPEST I can. I would love to hear some slow-fashionistas thoughts on sunglasses. 

This ring was made by the same lady who made the day nine ring! I will have to take some closeups soon because the stone is kind of in a mitten shape with a bead right where West Michigan is!! I love it . Its rose gold colored with pink/purple beads. 

I was so  comfy and had a lot of fun with this outfit. This bag is one of my favorites and i got from the boutique i worked at, its by Chocolate of New York and you can find them here. My shoes were a quick pick up from Walmart 3 years ago because the shoes I was wearing were killing me on a trip. They are the perfect example of FAST FASHION. I have maybe worn them 2 times and if i were to wear them more they would not last long. I would love to find some grey oxfords that are much more long lasting. 

Top: fritzi (80's brand from Hopes Outlet) 100% cotton.
Tank, Shorts and Belt: Express (Shorts altered from pants)
Bag: Chocolate Handbags of New York
Shoes: Walmart
Cuff: My Mom's Jewelry Box ,  Bracelet: American Eagle eons ago
Necklaces: A piece of post and a libra sign. Not sure where i got either.
Sunglasses: Gliks in Grand Haven
Nailpolish: Concrete by Ulta

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