Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day thirteen. rocking out with my favorite kicks

Can you tell I was in an exceptionally good mood this day? I QUIT MY JOB and was just so relieved. The energy was draining out of me daily since the store announced its closing and I was not being treated at all well so I just up and quit! I am very proud of my decision and feel so much happier. HILLARIOUS enough thirteen is my lucky number and this post fell as day thirteen :D 

Lindsey met me for drinks at Odd Side Ales in Grand Haven after she got out of work and took this photos. I will miss her dearly, it was her last day too! 

these shoes I have had for years and were thrifted. They were a hit with everyone. They were so comfy for running around for the last day of sidewalk sales. 

Bracelet is from Hightower Chains again! Necklace was thrifted and ring is one of those spoon rings I got an arts and crafts fair. My belt was given to me by my sister years ago. 

I had so much fun with Lindsey. We later went to Randy of Hightower Chains fashion show in Muskegon. Check out his blog which i sometimes do photography for!

Top: Sasson from Hope's Outlet
Jeans: MEK Denim from Plato's last year
Shoes: Thrifted. I don't remember when or where
Jewelry: Hightower Chains, and thrifting

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  1. So freaking cute!! LOVE the last pic the most! :D All these photos are making me want to get Coffee Grounds and walk around Washington Street!!!

    1. i KNOW it always makes me think of you running around those parts :D

  2. My FAVORITE so far. I believe because I could see myself wearing this!


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