Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day twelve. turquoise striped silk and black cutoff shorts

here is a sneak peak into the timeline of this blog! This was Friday the first day of sidewalk sales! It was very mild out but I knew i would be running around so i wore this silk blend top and cutoff black shorts to keep comfy. I was very comfy! 

we were right by the Burton sample tent. Those guys were the epitome of snowboard culture. I loved chatting with them all day they were funny. 

gotta keep it light and fun for the craziest days in Grand Haven retail! 

my shoes are from Meijer. I kept getting compliments on them and then people were shocked I got them at Meijer. I got them with my mom and I actually remember getting the wrong size and dorkily taking them back. Who doesn't try on shoes. This was when i was still sucked into fast fashion. 

My necklace is the Harry Potter deathly hallows and i got it from this amazing shop on Etsy. He makes all sorts of badass movie/tv related stuff (HP, Hunger Games, Twilight, Game of Thrones etc.) and I want it all!

Chainmaille bracelet again from Hightower Chains. Check out his blog I have been helping a bit with! Other bracelet is Juicy Couture i got at Nordstroms Rack awhile back. Ring is my Grandfathers turquoise. 

Thanks to Patrick Grady one of my famed photographers for the day! 

Gotta love this sunglasses from Gliks

My other famed photographer Lindsey Marlow! Oh how i miss her already!

Thanks for keeping up with the blog. Today I am off to work on more How To's and also dont forget to check out my new page called THE TO DO LIST. You can see what I am working on pre-blog post!!!

Top: Silk Poly Blend from the 90's for sure - Thrifted from Hope's Outlet.
Shorts: Cutoff from Express skinny jeans. I have basically done it to all of my old pants I am going to have no pants come winter!
Belt: Sparkles!! From Express YEARS ago
Shoes: from Meijer
Jewelry: Bracelet from Hightower Chains, Other from Juicy, Necklace from luckysoul1 on Etsy, Ring was my grandfathers.
Sunglasses: Gliks

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  1. Love that blouse!

    xo Jennifer


  2. thank you!!! I love it too. Always amazed by what i find at thrift stores!


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