Saturday, August 11, 2012

day two. colored skinny jeans, rain jackets and more floral!

 FINALLY its been raining. Which gave me the opportunity to whip out my favorite vintage rain jacket. I got this when I was an undergrad on Ebay, I remember being so dang excited!
rain jacket - vintage from ebay. shoes -vintage from a garage sale! belt-thrifted. pants-FASTFASHION from jcpenny earlier this summer. shirt-thrifted and shoulder pads taken out. 

i feel like floral prints are just so fun and they make rainy days so much more fun!

my friend and coworker lindsey marlow took pictures for me and it was just a riot. 

these shoes are amazing. they are very comfy (a little snug in my toes) but a pair i plan on taking the the shoe guys and having them tweak for me!

Jewelry- on left hand i am wearing my grandfathers turquoise ring and my mothers Swarovski crystal necklace she wore for the Fem Invite a dance in her high school (1966) where girls asked boys ;), on my right hand i am wearing my great grandfathers wedding ring as a thumb ring, my chainmaille bracelet and my twloha bracelet! 

this is the necklace i wore. Its another piece my mom wore A LOT back in the day. Someday i will do a blog all about my jewelry (and my moms i so gratefully borrow) and hopefully learn some more about each of the pieces!

Thanks for reading! I will post once a week about serious issues and once a week about slow fashion struggles but for the most part its about the clothes!
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