Thursday, September 13, 2012

day thirtyfive. The September Issues Day Three: Burgandy Delight

 The IT color of the season has already been a staple in my wardrobe. All fall colors do and this one also happens to look great on my mom so there is a lot of it in my house. She gave me this outfit (there is another longer shirt as well) from her closet YEARS ago. I paired it with a light pink blazer that i thrifted. It has been those weird September days where it is hot but then chilly later. This was perfect for everything!
InStyle September 2012

 Don't ya think the school bus is perfect for back to school :D 

 love my owl necklace :D 
 pointy toe ankle straps are back! And i wore them like they never left....
up close is the bling. All of it is my mom's except the necklace. 

i love this color for fall and really anytime! I think its great paired with almost any other color and you can be sure to see more of it this fall in my wardrobe! Sorry If you are having trouble commenting. I will be accepting COMMENTS on my facebook post for that day to the CONTEST (heres the post i announce the contest in explaining)  until things are squared away! Post on TODAYS FACEBOOK POST for entry to the contest this month! You can do it everyday! 

Tank, Sash and Pants: Maidmoisele Pant Suit | My Mothers 
Jacket: Tag cut off | Thrifted Lakeshore Thrift
Shoes: Charlotte Russe | A long time ago...
Clutch: Forever 21 | A long time ago.....

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