Monday, September 10, 2012

day thirtytwo. pants pants pants! Helping others make the most of their closet!

 Today I am going to talk about a couple of projects I helped Lauryn with! I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her before her move to Chicago and she approached me to help her. This first project she said she was just going to cut off to make shorts and i offered to hem them for her. I love this print it is so fun and she wore the shorts that day and they went with everything we were finding.

 here are the pants before. They were high wasted cropped Ralph Lauren pants likely from the 90's.

 here they are after! Awesome shorts! I kept about a 2" seam and she likes to wear them with the hem 'cuffed' This took all of 15 minutes to do. If you have never done shorts here is a great blog that shows how. Sometimes i dont use the zig-zag stitch it just depends on the kind of hem i want.

Then there were the jeans. Lauryn loved these jeans but just isn't into flares anymore. She had them in here 'donate' bag but i told her we could turn them into skinny jeans no problem!

Basically what i did was take a pair of her favorite skinny jeans and use that as my guide to get the right leg fit for her. I took from the inside (many tutorials say to do outside but i find inside is easier and its less important because you dont have to take out the finishing stitch unless you care that much). 

always iron everything before you even start! I ironed them the right way and then inside out. 

 then you line up the skinny jeans you ahve that fit (seen on top) to the outer edge of the flare jeans. You pin to mark where you will make the seam.
 Then you just sew along that seam and cut off the excess! Voila! You can finish with a top stitch if you like but these didn't really need it.

and VOILA! they turned out great! Lauryn probably told me 4 times how much she loves them now and how excited she is she didn't have to give them away! I was VERY happy to help rescue jeans for her. Have you tried to do this? Did you have any issues? Do you have a pair of jeans you have sitting around you are to scared to try this with? I recommend just taking the risk! If they turn out like poo then you have some scrap fabric! Let me know your thoughts and if you have questions.

Today on facebook I also just announced my FIRST contest. EVERY month of my blog i will be doing a giveaway. The only way to enter is to COMMENT on my blog posts. You enter once by commenting once. Each day can have a maximum of one entry! So for example this September you can comment 30 times for 30 entries into the contest (September 1-30th). I will announce what the giveaway is a day before the end of the month and the last day of the month (at midnight) i will randomly select a commentor for the giveaway! I hope to get some good feedback and input on what YOU are doing in the slow fashion world with this! Email me if you have questions

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