Saturday, September 1, 2012

day twentythree. black keys tshirt and patent leather kicks

this is my kind of outfit for bombin around, babysitting, crafts and other assorted things i have been doing on my time off as of late. I felt like i was a combination of ladys who lunch and my Molly American Girl Doll.

i am a music lover and i like all kinds of music. The Black Keys are one of my favorites, i have seen them live 4 times and i would see them again in a heart beat. I love this t-shirt.

this is super dorky but i like to wear socks that show with shoes like this. I wish i had little lace socks but these red edged ones were the best i could do. and i sometimes wonder why i got teased as a child.....

i am wearing a TON of my moms jewelry today. Bracelet on Left is her ram cuff, and on the right i have one of her necklaces as a bracelt along with another of her cuffs. I also have my necklace as a bracelet which I also did on Day Eight

Rings from Left to right are 1. my moms 2. my moms class ring 3. a ring my good friend Kate got for me. 
Top: Black Keys | First Live Concert i went to
Shorts: Thrifted | Goodwill in GH
Shoes: Born | Nordstroms Rack
Purse: Vintage Coach | Thrift store in Alabama
Braclets: Combo of Mine and My Moms
Earrings: My Moms
Alligator Buckle Belt: Thrifted | Salvation Army in GR

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