Wednesday, October 17, 2012

another floral blazer. day sixtynine.

i just adore me some fall!!!!recognize this glorious background? I used it in the September Issues Grandpa Sweaters. Our old greenhouses. I would love to grow veggies year round here :D A farm girl can dream! I have an obsession over blazers and always have. I find them and get really geeked out! I think they look great with everything, dress em up dress em down, wear em all over town! I get very inspired on PINTEREST when i see blazers, in fact i have an entire board dedicated to them Check it out HERE

IMG_1206 IMG_1207
Also recognize this awesome striped skirt? I wore it VERY early on in the blog DAY FOUR to be exact. I love that leopard shirt i paired it with. I need some inspiration for things to pair it with for fall! Any ideas? I also wore another floral blazer i own on A September Issues Day At first i thought two floral blazers might be too much but I think they are very different from each other and I have always been a huge fan of floral prints AND Blazers!


~Outfit Details~
Blazer: Classic Directions | Thrifted St. Vincent in Muskegon
Tank: Mimi Chica | Nordstroms Rack | Also seen on DAY SEVENTEEN oh Yes!
Skirt: Silk by Styleworks | Thrifted at Hope's Outlet (GH)
Necklace: Alice in Wonderland Inspired | Gift from Mother
Shoes: Colin Stuart | Purple Rose Boutique in GH
Bag: I cannot remember


  1. love this look! seriously you have a whole blazers board?! that is sooooo epic :)

    i heart floral blazers and pattern pulled it off perfectly!!

    thanks for the sweet blog comment today :)

    1. i am seriously so obsessed with blazers its quite a problem......i would buy every blazer in the world but i have to restrain myself because that is not very "SLOW" of me :P Thank you love :) i love your blog and i think u should rock whatever you feel like! PLUS i love that those boots were your mommas! :D Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Floral, leopard, AND stripes? A girl after my own heart!!! xo Kelsey

    1. i was kinda CHANNELING some redlips and leopardprints! too bad i just cannot do red lips at all. mostly cause i cannot draw on my own face super well and i tend to lick my lips a lot LOL


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