Monday, October 29, 2012

back to school monday. day eighty-one

It has finally hit me that I am not in school this year. It seems kind of strange (and yah yah i know its November..but i knew after getting through pumpkin patch it would hit me). I have spent the past 24 years of my life in school...only breaking for summer for 12 years and then no break at all through college (except after Freshman year and then one summer when i did an internship and had a part time waitress i don't count that). Don't get me wrong, I am happy to not be taking classes and juggling jobs but at the same time its weird. Mostly weird because I still don't really have a grown up job and I am finding it hard to find one I am interested in. I find myself singing Avenue Q songs quite frequently and wondering what to be when i grow up (NEWS FLASH - Im grown up...damn it) ;) BUTTT anyway here is an awesome vintage dress that has brought me thoughts of school. Since fall is near the end I figured I should whip it out since it seemed rather education related. The mix of the pattern, buttons and bow makes me feel like i should be throwing on my letter jacket and running up the stairs at my boarding school....

IMG_1547 IMG_1548
My hair is so thin! It turns into the tiniest top knot. That is why i like sock buns so much, I can have the illusion of having thick luxurious locks.....Do you have thin hair? Anyone have tricks? I don't use products really but would be interested if anyone had advice!

IMG_1550 IMG_1551
IMG_1561 IMG_1562
All the leaves are turning brown, and falling to the ground! GASP! I am not ready for how cold it has started getting...I ran inside and threw on a coat!

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Vintage | Hope's Outlet Shoes: I have used them for a costume for YEARS
Bag: Sam Edelman | Nordstroms Rack


  1. beautiful place!!
    have a nice Monday!

  2. Adorable look- also, I feel the same way you described from time to time.

    1. ah yes the awkward quarter life crisis times :) so fun !~ (n.o.t.)

  3. Amazing dress, dear!! Loove the print and details!!!<3

  4. I also have thin hair...and the hair donuts you can buy at ASOS are definitely worth spending a few bucks on instead of just using a sock with the toe cut out (which I used to do before buying them)! I promise - the shape is much better, and the mesh donut is easier to get pins in! If your hair is like mine, the fine/straight texture is also slippery, and I found that the mesh donut works much better. ASOS has a "small" and "large" sized donut available. The small was definitely big enough for my thin hair and is the one I would use constantly (until I cut my hair a few weeks ago) - the large was pretty enormous, but fun for a special occasion or some extra drama (but was harder to get my hair up in). Ok, whew...perhaps that helped! :)

    1. AWESOME advice this is exactly what i need! i have added them to my wish list : ) thank you so much katie!


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