Monday, October 8, 2012

day sixty. fall colors fall sweaters

fall colors are just fantastic don't you think? I love great colors like pumpkin orange on me! I found this totally 90's sweater at Hope's Outlet and had to have it. Sweaters are so great in Michigan. For fall you can wear just a sweater and then it is great for layering as it gets frigid cold with some amazing coats. Living on the lake it gets REALLY cold in winter, I have to admit it has been a few years since I have braved that weather and I am not sure if I am mentally prepared yet! The cool weekend made me think more about what I'm going to wear this winter. What are your fall to winter favorites this year? This year oversized sweaters are my thing. Super easy to style and wear no matter how much you want to think! 
this color is also very good for my eye color~ 
i am absolutely in love with my new slow fashion find! this amazing brooch I found at Hope's Outlet with a Needlework R on it! WOOT! so me and so perfect :D Hope's just started displaying their jewelry and i got this, a pair of earrings and another necklace (see tomorrows post for that jem!) when i was there last. Thrifted items always inspire me. I think of all the people it has brought happiness to in the past, especially jewelry. It gives me all sorts of ideas for amazing stories. 

Sweater: | Hope's Outlet
Leggings:  Paige Denim | Nordstroms Rack
Boots: Carlos Santana | I hunted these babies down a few years back and finally found them on ebay
Boot Socks: DIY from an old sweater
Bag: Sam Edelman | Nordstroms Rack
Necklace: Adapted from a Brooch | Hope's Outlet


  1. Cute colors! That's great that you found one with your name letter! :) I actually have the same thing (got it from Hope's a few years back) and did a blog post with it--mine was letter "H" (no meaning but I like being random, lol). Check it out! :)

    1. ohhhh YES gotta love it!! love that post :D also finally got to Muskegon Hope's yesterday :D had a blasty!

  2. I have really enjoyed poking around your blog, reading all your FAQs and other links and enjoying your blog.

    Slowly, I'm trying to build up staples and be more mindful of buying, but what you're doing is so much more and so interesting and responsible!

    1. thanks Kristian! i love your blog as well i follow it on bloglovin :) your style is very unique :D this blog is helping me realize what things look good on me and reminding me to take things slow!!! its a very hard mindset to change honestly and i still struggle with it daily when i see cute new stuff online etc...thanks for checking me out :D


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