Sunday, October 14, 2012

day sixtysix. Check Out My Fashion Storage and Work Spaces!

Today is going to be a bit different. I have been trying my hand at making collages in Photoshop (and learning Photoshop in general, i normally DO NOT edit my photos hardly at all, barely making lighting adjustments, i think i take decent photos the first time around) BUT i want to do cool things in photoshop. Thanks to Tieka at Selective Potential I learned (and very easily!) how to make a collage.

Here is the view from the door to my room! YES i live with my parents. NO i am not ashamed of it! Lets admit, if you know my parents they are pretty awesome anyway, PLUS having roomies makes everything cheaper. This is the room i grew up in and i have many fond memories and many BAD memories (Like slamming the door on my sister and cutting off her finger! sorry again Norms)

This is my first collage showing some of the various storage I utilize in my room. I have 2 dressers! The tall one holds all of my 'tops' and the long short one holds all of my 'bottoms' I also have a jewelry case (the purple thing, i would like to repaint/revitalize it) that stores all of my shiny gems! OH, and the thing by my bed is my dog crate for Lily and Rue and there is a storage thing that holds my hats/gloves/wraps on top of it. I am utilizing every square inch of storage in my room! Below are a few more photos of my awesome room ;)


And here is my closet! I change it around depending on the season but on the top right now i have long sleeves and the bottom short sleeves. Above the racks i store sweaters and there are shelves on the left side that use to store my bags.

And HERE is the moment you have been waiting for, where I store all of my SHOES (shoes are probably my favorite clothing item...). Ideally i would have a HUGE shelf thing in the 'sewing room/ Norma's room' but instead i use this over the door hanger and a smaller floor shoe storage. I also keep some shoes in my room especially ones i use often!

And here is my office! It is in the basement, I am lucky to have plenty of room for all of my BOOKS and space on my desk for both my laptop and desktop. You can see I am multitasking playing video games and doing work :D SO now you can imagine where I am when i am getting ready in the morning and when I am typing up my awesome blog posts i bring to you EVERYDAY! Thanks to all of my readers for staying with me. More outfit posts and HOW TO's coming at you VERY SOON. I am way overdue for some how to posts but I have been procrastinating projects like crazy so I better get on that! Have a great relaxing Sunday!

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  1. Thanks for Sharing!! your poor sister you cut her finger off?!?!? lol! Cant wait to see more love!


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