Wednesday, October 10, 2012

day sixtytwo. its time for wool coats

It got so cold this weekend. Coats. Scarves. Mittens. Hats. All starting to come out! I am a huge fan of my Michael Kors wool coat i got last year at nordstroms rack. This is one of those i will keep for quite some time! I am so not ready for it to be in the 40's but there was just no choice! My sister is a great photographer and we snuck these shots between customers in the corn maze. I really enjoy getting to spend more time with her this fall (since she comes home every weekend) and this past weekend was really fun because she was without her fiance (who i adore as well, go Andy!). Also check it out im wearing LIPSTICK...i never ever do because I apply it like I am 12 usually but i took some time and think i did OK. 
what can i say i love popcorn! who doesn't honestly. I eat it all day long at the patch. Also gotta love these earrings (which are my moms that i have basically stolen). 

i dropped my phone and then got my mittens dirty! i am such a silly goof its ridiculous.... sadly i actually shattered my back glass a few days after this! Bad Rachel taking it out of the case, but luckily for my birthday i am getting an iPhone 5, well kind will come in like 20 days. Really excited to take even better instagram photos (you should follow me! i put up lots of photos of my pets and projects!) and actually be able to play music in my car (my headphones jack hasn't worked since March)

a gorgeous Spanish Waterdog that visited the patch! She was from Sweden!

i almost fell (see picture above above picture ;))  and then was so happy when i didn't! 

Always fun at the patch! I wish fall would stick around longer. It always seems to fly by (it has been a few years since i have had a michigan fall) I am really trying to enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts! 

~The Outfit~
Dress: | Nordstros Rack
Sweater: | Hope's Outlet
Cuff: Unknown
Leggins: Target | A while back
Boots: Carlos Santana | Well Hunted from Ebay
Belt: Thrifted | Goodwill
Scarf: |Plato's Closet
Jacket: Michael Kors | Nordstroms Rack
Ring: Great Grandfathers
Earrings: Mi Madre's 


  1. You are having so much fun! Take me next time, hehe!


    P.S. I found your blog from With Love from Michigan, we have a blogger network you should come and join the fun.... FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit created for you! <3

    1. thank you! yes i just joined the FASH DET im really excited :D thanks so much for telling me about it!

  2. Your popcorn picture cracked me up!!!! haha i love you so much youz so pretty!


    1. yah im a goof like that! i had popcorn in my coat and hair and everywhere!

  3. i wish fall would stay too! Whats up with this almost winter weather?! Love the dress in tights...possibly what im wearing this weekend...with golashes? haha thanks for stopping by the blog today!

  4. I was just looking at Wool Coats in Burlington Coat Factory and bought one for the winter, so I'm not dreading it quite as much as before. The coat looks great and I saved $40 on it, which was really nice. I'm glad I can make use of it, but I still prefer we skip ahead to spring.


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