Sunday, October 28, 2012

going to the theatre. day eighty.

I got the chance a few weeks back to write a press release for my local theatre group. My parents actually met doing theatre and it was nice to get back to helping out. So i decided to actually go SEE the show i helped write the press release for :) The show was amazing, Natalie and Joe are the local theatre power couple and they are phenomenal. It was good to see them on stage together! See photo of them below : )

I think the median age of attendance was about 65 which i find sad. I love the theatre so much and i just feel like if our local group did one 'hip' show a season they would get more young traffic. Do you like the theatre? I find that a lot of my friends say its too expensive, or that they would just rather go to a movie? What keeps you from going to see a live play? I know for me a lot of times its the venue, uncomfortable seats made for children, a lack of proper heating/cooling etc or the actual show choice. I am always thinking of ways to get more people to attend live shows. But i am never given the chance to try them out. I personally know social media does a bang up job of helping with getting attention....but how could i possibly help if never given the chance! Personally am a huge fan of THIS article about it... :)

So Bravo to the cast of Love Letters :) IT was fabulous. I was so glad i was asked to help out and i hope i can do something again soon!
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Blazer: Express | Thrifted a long time ago
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