Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the great halloween pumpkin. day eighty-two.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up and pretending to be someone/something else. But funny enough I don't get very creative with my costumes. For the past MANY years I go as Hermione from Harry Potter. I have had the costume since my mom made it for me in HIGH SCHOOL. I guess this is VERY slow fashion of me! Costumes are the one thing i find irritating about Halloween, many girls go and buy cheap horribly made character costumes that hardly cover their skin to then throw them out and get a new one the next year. Here are a few past costumes ;) including my Harry Potter one....I go way back so get excited
July 16th 2009 059
my mom was so creative i think the crayon is my favorite still to this day (and yes thats a pot on my head!!!)

IMG_1499 IMG_1500
I have seen more and more costumes becoming 'creative'. Using things that are already in your wardrobe you can come up with tons of ideas for costumes without spending absurd amounts of money for something you wear ONE DAY and supporting fast fashion. Here is my take on that this year. I am the great pumpkin (Think Charlie Brown ;) thus the shirt). This is a childs shirt my mom gave me and said "do something with this" it seemed too small for me so i threw it in my "do something with this pile" (i literally have that) and wrote it off for the moment. I rediscovered it when trying to organize my life and tried it on. Between the shirt and the fact that i live on a pumpkin farm, i knew i wanted to be a pumpkin! I added some handmade boot socks (from an old sweater), my favorite skirt and a hand-knitted pumpkin hat that belongs to my dad! VOILA! I am the Great Pumpkin :D.

October 30, 2012
IMG_1492 IMG_1490
Pumpkin Bugs!!!

IMG_1497 IMG_1498
i want to thank the Independent Fashion Bloggers for always coming up with creative Challenges. Since i post EVERYDAY this makes things really fun for me! The Halloween Costume Challenge inspired this post and made me want to write a little more about Halloween Costumes and the 'fast fashion' involved. I really took into consideration the photo they had on the contest from Mean Girls, when she goes dressed as a dead bride and everyone else is sexy "insert costume here". I hope to become more creative with my costumes in the future and i think platforms like blogs can allow us to become more expressive and individual with our costume choices not always choosing the "bagged" costume. Take this as my submission to the Costume Challenge IFB and thanks for being so creative and fun!

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: From Mother
Skirt: Old Navy | Long time ago
Boots: Steve Madden | Long time ago
Boot Socks: Handmade from old Sweater
Hat: Gift to my Dad
Glasses: Estate Sale
Bag: Platos Closet


  1. I love hand (home) made costumes...They are the best!!! Did them with my kids every year and hardly spent any $.

  2. Ahhhh the book club blog (second generation)...doesn't get much better.

  3. Especially love the matching orange handbag!

  4. I just adore your whole image.

  5. Way cute! I love your Halloween outfit!! I agree, why spend money for half a day?! I just came up w a costume put of my closet and was a trapeze artist. :)

  6. Wow lady, I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog so I could learn more about the slow fashion movement! You are so cute in the pumpkin patch!


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