Friday, October 26, 2012

long cardigan sweater and shorts. day seventy-eight.

the past few days have had this weird Indian Summer thing going on. I wake up in the morning and am still thinking i need jeans and a sweater, step outside and am met with 64 degrees at 9am...which turns into 80 by noon??? SO dressing was hard for me. I opened back up my shorts drawer and quickly changed into this. These shoes are my go to item as of late...i just want to live in them. Also been looking for the opportune time to wear this sweater given to be my mom. I love long sweaters like this and i think with shorts it looks pretty nee-to. Thoughts? I don't know how else to style this i could definitely use some input!

IMG_1524 IMG_1525
Lately I have been doing a lot of my pics on my own, just me and my tripod and the 10 second timer...... I have also been experimenting with different poses. Let me tell you. Trying to haul your booty up on top of a desk and pose properly in 10 seconds is quite hilarious. I really should upgrade my life to a remote. Or get some more friends.


~Outfit Details~
Tank: Pattison J. Kincaide for Disney | Nordstroms Rack
Sweater: Lane Bryant | From My Mom
Shorts: Express Cutoffs | Oldies
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Get them HERE
Hat: Thrifted | Wicker Park CHI

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