Monday, October 22, 2012

no bones about it. day seventy-four.

this weekend was so funky. it was raining all day Saturday and then just GORGEOUS all day Sunday. My family has been taking the weather personally and I am right on board with it. The rain is really getting us in a tizzy. WE NEEDED this rain in June/July for the pumpkins (they would be bigger if we had more rain!) and we don't need it during fall (ESPECIALLY NOT ON WEEKENDS!). It just keeps people from coming out and having all sorts of fun on the farm! BUT it was great to finally have one day at the patch that was so busy! Everyone seemed to have the same idea yesterday and seemed to be having a blast at the patch! I had fun too! I always like it better when its busy.

IMG_1340_edited-1 IMG_1342_edited-1
There are so many cool spots for photoshoots right on my property! I have been getting kind of bored with my surroundings but since i don't have time to go into the city (nor anyone willing to shoot me lately...) I have been trying to find more inspiration on the farm! Whats more inspiring that broken down greenhouses. I spent a large amount of my life working in these and they make an interesting background i would say!

IMG_1358 IMG_1359
My sister is my photographer of choice on the weekends and she is just fantastic! I had her try some 'backlit' shots i have been perfecting with my tripod, she was worried she sucked at them but i think they turned out cool! go Norma!

These are just in case you were starting to think 'wow this girl is relatively normal, Im kind of getting bored', well guess what. IM NOT! Being a goof with my lipgloss.....goof.

I would like just one more nice fall weekend ok :D so lets all do an anti-rain dance please and thanks! Happy Monday!

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: Thrifted | IDK
Sweater: Yarnworks Thrifted Vintage | Hopes Outlet GH
Pants: Paige Denim | Nordstroms Rack
Boots: Carlos Santana | Ebay
Hat: IDK
Ring: Forever 21 | Years ago
Earrings: Hawaii


  1. seriously rain rain go away!!

    this is a cute outfit! and i totaly love your "location shots" most of us don't have time to drive somewhere to take epic shots....just sayin ;)

    thanks for adding me to your favorites! your rock!!

  2. Very cute socks!

    xo Jennifer

    1. I just stumbled over your blog! Its absolutely lovely and very inspiring! Would be really cool if we can follow each other. Please let me know xxx

  3. thanks Carisa and Jennifer! AND YES i love my location shots. LUCKILY this location is WHERE I LIVE honestly i have tons of fantastic backgroundds. everytime i see cool city shots i get jealous :) but i am learning to love it and getting more inspired by the "junk" around thanks to all of yoU!


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