Tuesday, October 23, 2012

vintage hoodie. day seventy-five.

Again. There are somedays where society is lucky i showered and put on clothes at all! Working at the patch does that and makes me be like BLAH with my outfits. When its cold or rainy i throw on a hoodie. So heres what it looks like. I spent a lot of my day today getting angry at broken down cars, trying to curb my anger with some buddhist mindful techniques and then searching for pictures of my dad wearing this hoodie. He had it before he had me and i scoured our not so organized photos to find one. Instead i found a few 'close' ones i thought i would share:D

October23 001_edited-1
Here i am in the shirt thats just like the sweatshirt :)

idk 001_edited-1
In my mind (and my moms) the photo we are looking for is like this but from the front, my dad with more hair and wearing the hoodie with me on his back or maybe im a bit older walking around...not sure but we couldn't find it so this was as close as i could get. Helping dad with the farmers market when i was a wee babe

I am a sucker for clothes that bring back memories and this hoodie brings back memories that i actually dont even have. It brings back ideas of memories, thoughts and places, pictures that i can't find. I love how items and things can do that...a lot of times clothes don't last that long. I find myself frequently stumbling across photos of my mom at my age and yelling WHY WOULD U GET RID OF THAT??? cause now i want it. But we are also so used to not thinking that far in the future. I had a blast going through old photos today. So many photos of my mom and dad, my extended family etc that i have never seen. It was so hilarious and fun. I will have to do some more posts where i whip out some old photos. I digress....i love this hoodie :) and i love that it was my dads.

~Outfit Details~
Hoodie: Stolen from My Dad....
Jeans: Express | Platos Closet
Hiking Boots: Timberland


  1. That pic of you on your dad's back is so cute!

    1. aww thanks dave. i know i was pretty cute. what happened????

  2. I like this post so much: these pictures are wonderful!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to win an N&K Designs arm party worth $200!!


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