Friday, October 19, 2012

worst. vegan. ever. day seventyone.

I admit. These shoes are NOT VEGAN and they are so NOT SLOW FASHION (except they are my precious and i will treasure them always). BUT. They are frackin amazing aren't they. I have been eyeing them all over pinterest, on other blogs i follow and the fact that i have put a link to them on my bookmark bar is kinda a big deal. I have been talking about them with everyone asking if they know of a vegan version but alas no. SO i got them as a gift for my birthday. The EXTREMELY GOOD VEGAN would return them and say 'oh i just can't they are not vegan' but I am the worst. vegan. ever. so i have kept them. And i adore them. I will be checking a bag to go to Eugene just so i can take them (because i am pretty sure they are weapons) and they have their own little home in my bedroom so i can see them everyday. THEY ARE fabulous. Comfortable and gorgeous. The only sad thing is they are leather :( i sometimes look down at my feet and pretend they aren't. But there is no hiding it. THEY ARE LEATHER.... (I CAN see any of my vegan followers taking me off bloglovin, follow or disliking me on facebook as we speak) You know what i also confess, i confess that i CHEAT for sushi sometimes (those delicious sad sea creatures!), i also accidentally have eaten non-vegan things cause i just didn't feel like asking the waitress. And that's OK. After all, i am a vegan for health reasons first (so i lose if i 'cheat'), and second for the environment. My dad pointed out that THE COW WAS GONNA DIE ANYWAY (not the point) but in some way that made me feel better for like seven seconds. BUT I DO PROMISE. this is the last and only leather good that will be purchased by me EVER. You can all hate me and call me a hipocrite if that does not stand. Anyway...aren't that so BA????

IMG_1242 IMG_1243
I definitely would have gotten sent home from school wearing these ;) I was sent home a lot in middle school. I am sorry, they just don't make shorts that come down to MY KNEES. And my parents refused to pick me up. They were awesome actually they told the assistant principal that these are the clothes she owns, shes not a hooker (i don't think they used THAT word exactly but lets go with it), let her go to school. I'm pretty sure the length of my shorts and the width of my tank-top didn't stop boys from looking (heck in middle school you could have been in Amish clothing and still gotten looked at...they were BOYS IN PUBERTY). Anyway i got sidetracked. This was supposed to be a nod to the clearly awesome school bus ;) That is all.


I should also maybe tell you the winner of my SEPTEMBER contest...since its now half way through OCTOBER (I FAIL) The winner is......LAURYN SCHROEDER for her comment on DAY FOURTYONE (i tried to print screen my random number generator but it didn't work so just believe me this time) I PROMISE for OCTOBERs winner i will do this much quicker. SO LAURYN email me at and we can pick out which TIE you want me to use. I will do a post about making the clutches (SEE MY FACEBOOK FOR DEETS). COMMENT all month long to get entered to win an awesome tie cellphone clutch/holder! Made by yours truly!

~Outfit Details~
Top: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Shorts: Modified from Express Jeans | Plato's Closet
Tights: Capezio | I used to dance in these suckers
Shoes: (xoxo) Jeffery Campbell | Shop Akira
Hat: Thrifted | Wicker Park CHI


  1. THESE are SERIOUSLY BA! That last shot of you is gorgeeeee! xo Kelsey

  2. los zapatos son increibles!

    New outfit post on my blog "PINK ANGORA"


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