Thursday, November 8, 2012

auction time! day ninety-one.

What does one wear to an auction you might ask? WELL OF COURSE A DRESS?!?!?! No. I should have been wearing my carharts i stuck out like the sore finger i have..... more to come on that tomorrow. But anyway the auction in Hudsonville is one of my favorite things! It happens two times a year and i was so excited i dragged my parents because i just wanted to go see all of the cool tractors. There are a lot of non-outfit photos but i had so much fun and there was so much cool stuff i wanted to share with you all so you didn't feel like you missed out on the fun.

Evidence of the common sights at the auction. MEN. IN CARHARTS. I actually counted and i saw a total of 9 women....NINE! Thats crazy right. Well not really when you think about it, it was cold, early and all they were selling was farm equipment and some other random items. If they had shoes you can best bet those numbers would change :) maybe they should consider auctioning shoes. OHHH a YOSF auction ;)

I'm such a lady. SEE EVIDENCE ABOVE. Clearly, i am at the ladies barn!

I guess i should admit this now because it will eventually come out but i have an unnatural fear of dinosaurs. It took all of my strength to get this close. I know. Its just ridiculous. My family loves it. My mom says if she just had an extra hundred dollars to throw away she would get me all dinosaurs for christmas. And then i would need new pants.......EEK!

Many people wont know that this is an old 'hit or miss' tractor. THE COOLEST THINGS EVER. Not so great for farming but just in the history of tractors they are awesome. I am sharing a VIDEO of this on my facebook wall today as well. So CHECK IT OUT HERE and You could like me while your at it :)

My parents are so cute it is just ridiculous! I heart them.

This is the EXACT same tractor we use on the farm. HOwever this one has been refurbished and looks just so pretty :) thats why i chose it as a background. If i had about 12,000 i would do this to our tractor too. AND THEN NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN :O j/k j/k that kinda defeats the point but it is still so fun to see what it used to look like/could look like.
If you have never been to a farm auction i highly suggest attending. They are so much fun, always have delicious coffee and donuts and fun people watching. I love to listen to the auctioneers its really crazy to me how fast they can talk. One of my student workers used to do it and it just blew my mind.

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Thrifted 90's Dress | Shelby's Place in Holland MI (all money goes to Harbor Humane Society)
Leggings: IDK ive had them for a long time
Coat: Michael Kors | Nordstroms Rack
Boots: Sam Edelman | Nordstroms Rack
Hat/Scarf: My moms, isnt it just the cutest thing
Belt: Thrifted awhile back


  1. Love this layered look. I nominated you for an award over at my blog!


  2. I love that Fall outfit!! Great photos too!

  3. The auction looks cold but you look cute!


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