Saturday, November 10, 2012

boot socks DIY. day ninety-three.

TODAY i bring you another tutorial attempt! I feel like I am getting a bit better at these things but i still keep forgetting to take some pictures :P Too funny. Today i bring you so me BOOT SOCKS/LEG WARMERS.

Step One: Cut off the sleeves of your sweater. I recommend saving the rest of the sweater to make something else! Since that is what slow afshion is kind of about. I plan on making some mittens and a scarf with mine (A DIY to come good people). I have a whole box of 'projects' i just added this too :)

Step Two: Mark the line you want for the width of the socks. You can do this all sorts of ways but i like to use pins, it keeps everything together and is easy to follow. This sweater was a mans sweater and the arms were a little big to make socks without taking them in. Some sweaters you may not have to sew up the seam at all which makes this even easier but in this pair's case i had to sew the seam

Step Three: Sew that line you just pinned. YOu could hand-sew this pretty easily but because i have a machine and i am confident with it i use it! Plus it takes like 10 seconds this way. Then you want to cut away the excess. You can do a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying but it really doesn't matter. At least not to me. Plus i wont know what you did so GO FOR IT ;).

And guys i know i suck. but STEP FOUR IS NOT PICTURED because i am dumb and didn't take a photo. Then what you can do is fold over the cut end of your sock (since the one end is already finished) and sew a quick hem. You could also connect them and make an actual sock. I made my hem all wrong for this knit so, as you can see in the next picture they pucker a bit. I will likely redo them but they work for now. You really want to do this with a knit fabric though otherwise it will fall apart slowly. Sorry i am so new to the tutorial I will get better at taking more STEP photos. The finished product is on tomorrows blog but here is a sneak peak :D

I have made almost four pairs of boot socks this year. I had seen the idea on pinterest last year but i never wanted to sew them to my actual socks so i put it off. Then i decided i really don't have to i can make them more like 'leg warmers'. I have kept around so many sweaters that have shrunk or haven't fit and have been meaning to make many of them since last winter! They are so great because they add a layer of warmth to your calves :D Hope you all try to make some of your own boot socks this year.

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