Saturday, November 24, 2012

burgandy and blue. day one-hundred-seven

Happy Birthday to my Sister Norma!!!!!! Cannot believe she is 25, that makes me feel ancient. I hope she has the greatest birthday ever and avoids the quarter-life crisis unlike yours truly. With that said, this is what i wore last week! So comfy, anyone who knows me knows I'm OBSESSED with blazers. I try not to wear them all the time but i own so many and they are so fun and funky. This is absolutely my favorite in my collection. I don't even remember where i found this gem but it is just one of the coolest right? Looks like I should start my own house at Hogwarts or something ;). 

I would have never thought to pair this blue with this burgundy but about once a week I try to spend a little time playing in the back corners of my closet trying to make outfits and my eye just popped when i put this burgandy silk tank from my mom with this gorgeous blue! I added a lot of gold accessories to accentuate the buttons and detail on the patch, and of course one of my favorite maxi-skirts is perfect for fall weather (you can wear some ridiculous leggings underneath and no one will know!). Anyway hope you all are having a great holiday weekend! 

And thanks to Kristin over at Everything's Always Sunny for these amazing shots! 

~Outfit Details~
Tank: Mademoiselle Vintage | From my Mom's Closet 
Blazer: ?????? (awesomeness)
Skirt: Thrifted | St. Vincent's in Muskegon
Belt: Thrifted a long while ago
Bracelet: A necklace i thrifted a long while ago
Necklaces: One is Virgin Mary thrifted at St Vincents in GR the other is an opal thrifted at Dittos in Holland
Ring: Great Grandpa's Mason Ring
Boots: Unknown Brand | Thrifted
Bag: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger | Salvation Army in GR


  1. Love this look! So very chic and professional. x

    <3 Melissa


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