Sunday, November 18, 2012

burgandy skirt and TENDEN shirt. day one-hundred-one.

Another day in Oregon. Another chance to wear my awesome spiky shoes!!!! I wore these onto campus bomin around. They are suprisingly so comfortable but because oregon is so rainy i almost slipped and fell like 8 times. They don't have enough traction on the bottoms. I need to fix that. I would step on a slippery leaf and almost beat the dust! All that dance training and yoga comes in handy when trying to walk in heels!

I get scared to walk on or stand on grates. I think it comes from having a lot of falling dreams as a child (i blame it on Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorites btw). So i get kinda nervous even being this close! I also will avoid them like the plague while walking. While trying to conquer my fears I once attempted to walk across one in Chicago and it probably looked like when you played lava as a kid.....i looked hillarious. I am working on this absurd fear ;)

The humidity/rain just makes my hair look lovely doesn't it.......

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~Outfit Details~
Top: TENDEN | find it on his ETSY SHOP
Skirt: Thrifted Gap Outlet | Shelby's Place in Holland
Belt: Express
Tights: Capezio | Dance a long time ago
Coat: Michael Kors | Nordstroms Rack (i should mention, since i look at my google analytics that i have had this coat for awhile and in no way is the brand SLOW FASHION..but he does make some amazing coats)
Shocks: Stolen from my mom (mwahahahah)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Nordstroms Online
Bag: from my favorite local bookstore in Auburn, AL Gnu's Room. I miss getting the most delicious coffees there, the amazing books and the random vintage clothes!

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  1. love this! i love the maroon skirt! i hate when shoes are actually comfy but you can't walk worth boo in the rain...sad day. And you used to dance?! say wha how cool me too :) happy monday!


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