Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas tree time! day one-hundred-twelve.

So we have a post Thanksgiving tradition in my family of going and cutting down our own Christmas tree! We go to Prince Trees right down the dirt-road from us and adventure out to find the best tree. Last year i was here all the way from Alabama and took a tree from here all the way back! This year my sister and her fiance got one (they did last year too) and of course the parents (or roommates ;)) got one! What is weird is we normally get TWO trees and because of the animals we opted to get one. Anyway i wore this outfit and felt like an elf and ran around in the fresh snow field! Also I have some other photos from the day :) enjoy. 

November 24-3

November 24-2

My sister and her fiance are so cute! I am trying to convince her to let me do engagement photos but she is silly! Tell her she should!!!!!

IMG_3303 edited
We had a really interesting time trying to take 'family' photos with all the animals. Someone should have been videotaping it because the audio was hilarious. Hedwig (the cat I am holding) was screaming bloody murder, my dad was trying to get the dogs to stay and the other cats were equally excited but less vocal. Needless to say this is the BEST shot we got...there are some seriously hilarious outtakes which will be on the Facebook page sometime soon. 

November 24-4
Rue (the red one) just would not hold still to save my life. But don't they both look cute in their holiday bandanas (Lily's is actual my John Deere one but its close right). 

Anyway this outfit just made me really excited for Holiday season. I cannot wait to see all sorts of people I don't get to spend much time with. And I have been jamming out like mad to Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album 'Silver and Gold'. There are some weird ones but my favorites are "Do you hear what i hear" and "Santa Claus is Comin to Town". I highly recommend it because its seriously every Christmas song ever. Anywayyyssss still cannot believe November is almost done! 

~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Vintage | Hope's Outlet
Sweater: Vintage (Handmade) | Hope's Outlet, i also wore it DAY SIX and it was pretty sweet
Belt: Forever 21 probably circa 2004
Pants: Thrifted | Ditto Resale in Holland
Socks: Stolen from my Mom's sock box (mwahahha)
Boots: BG | Buffalo Exchange, Wicker Park CHIcago
Bag: Thrifted foreverrrr ago (i dunno)
Coat: Michael Kors | Nordstroms Rack
Brooch: Christmas Gift years back from Mom 
Ring: Grandfathers 


  1. Great look. Adore the festive colour combo! xA

  2. I love the holiday fun style! Looks like you had a great time picking out your tree!


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