Tuesday, November 6, 2012

crochet infinty scarf DIY tutorial. day eighty-nine.

So i had started this crochet blanket awhile back and as i was going through craft things making project lists i looked at it and was just like I DONT WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER BLANKET....i have tons of crochet blankets. I got really into crochet in college with my friend Anissa, we would watch series eat snacks and crochet our weekends away! It was totally fun.

So I was like what can i do with this piece-o-blanket and i started playing with it and put the two ends together and thought...INFINITY SCARF! This tutorial is kind of 'how to link two pieces' and i will put some awesome links for learning how to crochet. I'm still a newbie on tutorials..there are such good ones already existing and i cant seem to take the pictures how i want them so bear with me! I hope you dont hate me and leave me forever!!!!! I promise i'll get better. So, anyway, I used the piecing method with a single stitch where you basically put the two ends together (make sure its inside out so your seam wont show and that the two are lined up without a twist (unless you wanna get funky and do that (oh man there are too many parentheses)).

Then you make sure they are perfectly lined up, stick your crochet hook through the holes (so dirty!)

Then you 'yarn over' and pull through a new bit of yarn using your crochet hook through both sides of the 'scarf'. Then you repeat in the next hole and so forth until you have an infinity scarf!

And there you have it an awesome cozy infinity scarf! YOu could do this with any scarf you have that you just are needing something different with. Its basically temporary so it could be super fun to do this to a bunch and play with it. Tomorrow you will see how i styled the scarf the first time. But here are some links to some better tutorials on how to join together two pieces. I am very visual and like a lot of photos or video to show me the way.
So here are a few of my favorite Tutorials online: ABOUT.COM CROCHET LESSONS I like this one because it has a lot of different links. Really good for beginners.
LION BRAND has really great video lessons and patterns online. Big fan of that.
HERE IS THE METHOD I USED TO PUT MINE TOGETHER They have a good little explanation here.
There are also tons more and im sure tons of bloggers have done them even better but this is what i felt like putting together today! Thanks for sticking with me guys :) xoxo. You will see the scarf in action on tomorrows post. xoxoRachel.


  1. Great idea! love the colors.

  2. Aw it looks great!

    xo Jennifer



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