Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY huge t-shirt to tapered crop top. day ninety-five.

So i have had this huge mens shirt for some time now in my to-do-something-with box and i finally decided to do something with it when i saw THIS tutorial on cotton and curls (one of my favorite upcycle/sewing/crafting sites around!)and immediately went to do this project. Which is good becasue i don't know if you missed it or not but there was just an election round these parts and it would be a good opportunity to wear this shirt (not within 200 feet of polling locations of course ;)) So i bring you my version of a tutorial. Hey i only missed one photo this time. And I think C&C's post is better so refer to that soon. Then come back tomorrow to see how i styled it. You could also skip the hem cutting on this tutorial and it would be titled 'making a tshirt smaller'. Whatever you would like.

Step One: Take your obviously large men's shirt (inside out).....

and place your favorite fitting t-shirt over it. Make sure you line up the neck and shoulder lines.

Step Two: Mark where the good fitting shirt meets at the large shirt. I marked all the way from the inside of the arm, armpit to the waist. If you wanted you could leave it the same width or the arms the same, whatever look you are going for.

Step Three: Sew a line along where you marked. I recommend always sewing before you cut that way if you don't like the exact fit you can alter it easily.

IMG_2452 IMG_2454
Step Four: Now you check your fit to make sure you don't want to go a bit further or set back. I always say to err on the side of caution and take in less than you think first, its much more annoying taking out stitches than sewing a quick line again.

Step Five: Now you can cut. I recommend leaving between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch of fabric from the sew line.

Step Six: I decided to cut the sleeves. They were too long you can do this now

Step Seven: NOT PICTURED. of course this is the most fun part and i forget to take a picture. Now you are going to do the tapering for the shirt. To do this you want to fold your tshirt in half with the front and back center of the neck and waist touching. Then you cut the fabric on an angle from sloping down from front to back. You can make this as exaggerated as you want. That tutorial i showed you above has a pretty decent photo of the process (silly me for not taking one...). Then you can choose to either leave the edges cut or do a hem, i chose a hem so it would look nicer!

IMG_2465 IMG_2466
and VOILA this is how it ended up. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how i dress it :D

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  1. Nice job on getting a good fit! :)


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