Wednesday, November 7, 2012

floral maxi-skirt. day ninety.

Somedays i just dont feel like smiling. Other days im all smiles and its a little silly how smiley i can be. Today was a not smiley day. Like i said i have been in a bit of a FUNK. Don't we all get that way? I think one of the things that goes along with posting on your blog everyday is that there will be days like this. Where you just don't want to smile even though your not technically 'unhappy'.

I have been doing a lot of DIY projects lately (which is good cause i had been kinda slacking) including this scarf i talked about yesterday and then also i repaired one of the major major holes in this cardigan. This is a fast fashion piece i got last summer that i just love and cannot part with. ITs so thin and comfy perfect for in between weather days and layering. I added this red heart to a huge hole on the side. Did i take photos of me making this? NO. because im still getting used to photographin all my projects. I will do heart elbow pads soon which is essentially the same step, except having a GIANT hole does make it kind of tricky. And like always....I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. Go me.

IMG_1864 IMG_1865
WHat do you do when you are feeling down in the dumps? I tend to drink an exessive amount of coffee/tea, cuddle with my dogs and marathon television shows. It has been arrested development this time (it has been awhile) and man was that show ever awesome. Hopefully i will be feeling perky soon!

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: Old Michigan State Kids Tshirt from a long while back
Cardigan: Nordstroms Rack last year | Mended by ME
Maxi-skirt: Handmade found at Hopes Outlet in Muskegon
Belt: Target years ago
Boots: Handed over from Anissa
Bag: Ecco | Garage Sale
Scarf: Made by yours truly!


  1. love the maxi! that are soooo many ways you could rock that! I also love your infinity scarf, im going to try and make some of mine into infinity scarves :)

  2. Hmm, when I'm in the dumps I usually........CALL UP MY GIRLS RACHAEL AND KRISTIN for blog posts!!!! Haha. That or tea/coffee, snuggling with my dogs, and also marathon shows (cough-Mad Men-cough). Love this maxi. This look is so you!!!


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