Thursday, November 15, 2012

monster high. day ninety-eight.

Traveling to a new place is so much fun. I feel like you can be whoever you want to be and everything you are gets said by what you are wearing. When you think about this it really is that way all of the time, unless you are with people you know, but when i travel i feel it even more so. Maybe its the new location and all the new faces and the lack of routine but i feel so fresh! Its wonderful and in case you care I really enjoyed my trip. One of my favorite interactions with new people was when we were out to sushi and these two 10 year old girls came up and said they liked my shoes. Then they started talking about Monster High and said i looked like i should be a character from there. If you don't know Monster High you are clearly a grown up. If you do then you have kids or you are a dork like me who follows these things. It is a set of dolls by Mattel, all the characters are based on monsters (Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves etc.). Now there is also a television program for the show.

Anyway i felt really cool that these girls said they liked my shoes and also really dorky for knowing what they were talking about. It would be pretty awesome to have a doll/character modeled after you. It would be fun to try and come up with my own character for the show modeled after me.....

here are the monster high dolls 

IMG_2514 IMG_2516
Tim looks so good in his suit! He really is so good at getting all dressed up it sometimes makes me feel silly, he has quite the well established wardrobe and is actually very into clothes (which makes me happy happy). He looks so good in this (i may be biased but.....).

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Charlotte Russe | Back in College
Belt: Express | Back in College
Tights: From Dance in High School/College
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Nordstrom
Bracelet/Earrings: Hightower Chains | Etsy Shop


  1. love that dress! this outfit is so fun and spunky :)

  2. you're so adorableeee loveeyy!



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