Friday, November 9, 2012

pumpkin smash. day ninety-two.

Unlike yesterdays post where i got kind of dressed up for the auction today is most definitely a utilitarian outfit day. As you may have noticed, (and if you haven't you must be new! so welcome :) and check out all of Octobers posts) that my family owns a pumpkin patch. At the end of the year it would be logically to till under the fields, but no we save the pumpkins left over rottenness for a very magical day of pumpkin smashing. It has been some years since we have celebrated such an occasion and this year we went all out building a trebuche. So what i wore was very good for that :D.

pumpkin smash3
A glimpse into the trebuche building. Everyone got involved including my ring finger on my right hand OUCH, i will spare you the photos of its nastiness. My sister and Andy were clutch at doing all the math and piecing for the trebuche box.

pumpkin smash 2

As you can see we found all sorts of ways to SMASH pumpkins, fire, baseball bats, hands, gravity you name it we used it! so much fun. Get ready for some after math shots up ahead.
IMG_2054 IMG_2071

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: From True Value, yah thats right the hardware store
Sweatshirt: From the obvious
Jeans: I dont know the brand | Plato's Closet, i like these cause the are really big and i could fit my warmers underneath :D
Hiking Boots: Columbia | Dicks Sporting Goods in AL

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