Sunday, November 4, 2012

studio wear. day eighty-seven.

Titled 'studio wear' because i thought you should know what i wear when im doing work in my 'studio' (a.k.a. the guest bedroom i have taken over). This is basically the jist of what i do. I put on a button up or some flowy top and generally this vesty thing. It has pockets so i can loose my phone/thread/needles/scraps while im working. Very convenient ;)

IMG_1808_edited-1 IMG_1807_edited-1
IMG_1810 IMG_1813
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: H&M (i hate admitting these things but thats kind of the point) | Platos Closet awhile back
Vest: Vintage Thrifted
Jeans: TENDEN | His etsy site
Shoes: Forever 21 | Purple Rose in GH

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