Monday, November 26, 2012

TENDEN love. day one-hundred-nine.

Sadness has come to Grand Haven, the amazing space that Todd and many other artists use is being closed down, so TENDEN has been forced to move his studio! Normally this would be fine but seriously the building his studio in is so cool and funky it is just fabulous. I have fond memories when Central Park Players was in this space of exploring the nooks and crannies and dreaming up all sorts of things you could do in the space. I had to go visit Todd to talk about the projects I am having him do so I decided to take a few shots of the space before it is not available. I also felt it was necessary to wear some of the TENDEN gear I own already and picked up my favorite sweater (the green one) from his fall collection that i just kept not getting. The good thing about changes like this is they bring up new opportunities, I discussed with him how I would like to have him be my first interview and how i would love to take photos of his Spring Collection. So good things come with change :) I will miss the space but I am excited for things to come! Also for cyber monday he has added some newbies onto his etsy shop, i tried on THIS sweater and could barely take it off and i am in love with THIS one too! Check em out.  

~Outfit Details~
Striped Top: TENDEN | Found HERE
Jeans: c/o TENDEN
Shoes: Chic Thrifted | Hope's Outlet GH 
Plaid Scarf: Thrifted | Shelby's Place in Holland


  1. To the photographer: Amazing use of light in the second to last photo.

    To the model: You look cute in these :)

    1. thanks love! Todd took the pictures but he will tell you he is no photographer (even though i disagree) i did however shoot him in this light first and i was stoked. this is the old elevator shaft workings at that building :)

  2. I really like these photos and hope to see his interview soon!


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