Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the road to chicago. day one-hundred-ten.

When I go to Chicago I normally like to take the train, and now I remember why. OH MY GOSH driving in the city is just a disaster! So I headed to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with Tim's family and because I was doing an overnight babysitting the night before I couldn't make the train Wednesday morning, so I had to drive. Things were fine until I got into what i call "toll zone". Then it was stop and go for about 2 hours (normally a 20 minute drive) all the way to Lincoln Park where he lives. MY GOSH....I will continue to avoid driving into the city like the plague. IDIOT ME i forget that there is the train from Michigan City that runs all day, that would have been the much better option. Oh well it was an experience. So these photos are right after I got to Chicago, my makeup and hair are all in a tizzy so real life here folks (kind of like always but i usually at least powder my face so im not all shiny!) ;). 

IMG_2946Becasuse of this I can no longer complain about driving in the city, because it will be my own fault for attempting to drive there again. So if you hear it again this year please call me out. Thanks :) 

~Outfit Details~
Tank: Billabong | JB & Me in GR right before i started this blog
Pants: Paige Denim | Nordstroms Rack Similar HERE (i like love these ones way more than mine!)
Sweater: Was my Grandmothers
Boots: Carlos Santana | From Ebay 
Necklace: Etsy HERE


  1. love this! it is similar to what i wore all weekend :)

    love jb&me! I live right by there...if i had the money id shop there everyday lolz

    1. i KNOW right i used to work in a store that carried all the same brands they did (i love the shoes especially!!!) I actually got the tank on a huge sale thats usually the only time i can afford anything there and well now for a year i can't get anything :) (except maybe some shoes ;) but that requires a fulltime job!) I love outfits like this so comfy, i have been gravitating to them this week because im working on a interview project :D

  2. Love the cardigan!

    xo Jennifer


  3. You look cute, even though the city sounded a bit of a mess.


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