Wednesday, November 21, 2012

vegan grand rapids. day one-hundred-four

I named this after my favorite website because i took a trip to Grand Rapids! It is so close to my hometown and I know many great people there that I frequent it a lot. So when my pseudo-cousin-in-law Emma asked me to go thrifting with her I snapped up the opportunity! There are many thrift stores in Grand Rapids I have not yet been to so it was very exciting for me! I was on the hunt for Christmas presents, found a few but came home with all sorts of craft things, because who doesn't need 25 random zippers? We stopped for a late lunch at my favorite vegan establishment in the area, Bartertown Diner. It is really amazing even if your not a vegan i think you would like it.  I got a lot of glares for my faux-fur jacket but HELLO its obviously fake.....people get really funny when they turn vegan......Anyway, I decided to snag some pics against the Cult Pizza wall, man i cannot wait for that to open! All vegan pizza! YUMMMM. 

Emma has a really cool style that is so effortless and awesome, probably because she is from England! (Accent envy!). We talked a little about it while eating our delicious lunch. She has her favorite jeans (which she gets from a shop where she is from) and likes little boy t-shirts (Im a fan too!) and assorted sweaters. I love her hair, her boots and her bag too...shes just got this style that's all her own! Mega shout out. 


I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Headed to Chicago :D Hope you all have a great holiday! Don't worry i will still be posting everyday! Just think I am wearing something today you will see in a week (so glad i got ahead it feels much less stressful and i can put more into the writing! phew). Toodles.

~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet in GH
Cardigan: Thrifted Hope's Outlet
Jeans: Forever 21 | Plato's Closet (they are getting too big, and showing serious signs of wear in the crotchy area...FAST FASHION!)
Boots: Hand me over from Anissa 
Watch: Airport Somewhere
Hat: Thrifted
Lotus Locket: Plato's Closet in EL 
Glasses: Betsy Johnson | Nordstroms Rack


  1. Aw thanks for your awesome comments on my blog :))

    And that;s so funny people thought you were wearing a real fur coat and eating vegan meals haha talk about irony. Like who can even afford a real fur coat these days? Cmon people.

    And ooo british cousin in laws. I feel like Brits have such a cool, grungy style that i wish i could pull off. I'm already liking her coat ;)

  2. The story of the people getting mad about the faux fur is kinda funny to me for some reason...

  3. loveee youuu giiirl


  4. Great pictures! I love the look of Faux Fur Coats. I just bought one at Burlington Coat Factory this weekend. It was a great deal at $30 less than I had seen it for in the department stores and I love the style.

  5. I'm jealous you and Emma got to hang out! We need to get the three of us in the same state ASAP!!


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