Sunday, December 9, 2012

babysitting. day one-hundred-twenty-two.

This is one of those outfit days where I look at the pictures and I am like YUP THESE SUCK. And I don't really want to post them. I am not like other fashion bloggers who carefully select outfits for all posts (although I do at times for events/trips etc.) but some days i just get dressed. This day I happened to be sitting on babies. Yup you heard it. sit. on. babies. Step 1) take baby and 2) sit on  it. Naw not really but I do watch some pretty cool kids. I snapped these shots at about 6:30 in the morning (it was much darker than the photos make it seem cause i lightened them up) but seriously I look like poo (no shower + no makeup) and really didn't care! So here you have it a basic simple outfit where I don't really like myself :) this happens and that's OK but I am gonna share with you anyway. Cause someday's are just like that for all of us and this is a blog about those kinda days as well! And also no extra photos cause I was lazy. 


~Outfit Details~
Sweater: Tags cut off | Thrifted at Hopes Outlet in GH
Jeans: c/o TENDEN
Boots: Younkers | Last Year

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  1. You don't look like poo but I definitely have those days when I think all my pictures suck too lol

    xo Jennifer


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