Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY fur collar. day one-hundred-twenty-one


I have been really inspired by vintage fur collars like these: 

Soft 1950's Mink Fur Collar                vintage fur collar : fawn brown 1970s fur collar              ON SALE Vintage Faux Fur Collar in Taupe

        1. 1950's Mink Collar                      2. Vintage Fawn Brown                        3. Taupe Fur Collar

There are so delicate and pretty and they make me think COZY WINTER. The problem being that most vintage are REAL fur (which I won't purchase) and are expensive. So therefore I decided to make my own. At first I saw a detached fur collar at Hope's Outlet and almost got it, but I was like nahhh something better will come around. Then my friend Anissa gave me a bag to take to Shelby's Place and told me I could go through it first, I found this detachable collar and decided to do my project with it. 

This is the EASY way to make one of these. You start with the fur part already done, I found TONS of these in the hats/gloves boxes at Hope's Outlet and other second-hand stores in town. Its like people forget they go with coats and get rid of them, or the stores don't pair them with the proper coats! Anyway, you could also SEW YOUR own (faux fur) here are some DIY links I found and enjoyed, I am planning on making #3 and #4 myself just with some tweaks ;)

1. Faux Fur Collar
2. No Sew Option
3. Peter Pan style, With a FREE pattern!
4. Just a FREE pattern here if you are already into sewing

Now this could very well be any easy hook and eye project but i wanted to use ribbons to make it look even more delicate. So here we go:

PicMonkey Collage

Step 1 - Get your collar and Ribbons! I found my collar at a second hand store, you could also sew your own or alter something you already have!

Step 2 - Pin your ribbons to the collar, I did mine at a bit of an angle so they will fall down delicately (cause remember I am kind of going for that)

Step 3 - Sew onto the collar. Now i made sure I only went through the lining layer of fabric so it didn't mess with the fur on the outside, I would try to do that if I were you

Step 4 - Iron the ends of the ribbon to sew a seam

Step 5 - Sew a square at the end of the ribbon to prevent from fraying. I did this with my machine and a delicate needle but you could also use fabric glue/tape or hand stitch it. 


AND VOILA! There you have yourself a pretty fur collar! I am still trying to come up with the perfect outfit to showcase this first with so hopefully soon! Hope you all are having a great weekend. I am headed to the THRIFT TRICK FASHION SHOW today after i to to the TENDEN POP UP SALE. Busy day of local fashion!


  1. Cool DIY!

  2. I think this is darling. It has a very "Little Red Riding Hood" vibe to it and I can visualize it with many outfits! :D Side note, I grabbed the fur you were talking about, lol! Thought we might use it for precisely the same thing for the fashion show, but we never now I have to use it up. Hmmmm.... :D

    1. oh yes!!!!!! i have also seen some with just buttons which is really cute :D or you could add it to something else!


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