Friday, December 28, 2012

haircut and lots of plaid! day one-hundred-forty-one.

I got a haircut!!!! So my hair gets AWFULLY dry and frizzy all winter long. The world just sucks any potential dead-hair moisture that may still exist  I am always doing oil treatments etc but nothing works! Solution=cut my hair (duh!) for most people this is like a thing you make an appointment for and then you go but for me I haven't had it done professionally in years (and I know it shows..but whatever its what I got right now) so i forget. My mom does my hair and I think she does a great job! I miss Toni and Trudi though (the only 2 hairdressers I have EVER had..and Mandy oh Mandy I need to see you bad...shes a friend who does hair and has the cutest baby I have ever seen).

I love this old brooch. Its some of the amazing collection of costume jewelry my g-ma owned. Awesomesauce. Just pure awesomesauce. I have never done this look before but Have always wanted to try it. I LOVE IT. I am also a huge fan of this 'plaid' mixing. 

Also side note - I am aware my post for yesterday never posted until this morning :( and really upset! because I have NEVER missed a day yet :( So you get two today...sigh....

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: c/o TENDEN
Shirt: Thrifted a long while ago
Sweater: Handmade Thrifted | Hope's Outlet in GH
Brooch: G'ma's | From My Mom's Jewelry Box
Boots: BD | Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park
Watch: Michael Kors | An amazing Gift! 

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  1. love the shirt! cute blog :)
    stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna


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