Thursday, December 6, 2012

hot hot hot! day one-hundred-nineteen.

When we were going through Kristin's mom's things I saw this shirt and had to have it. Kristin gave me this look like REALLY????.... I can totally understand why it's quite ridiculous but I fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE. My mom and I stopped to take this photos at Target while she was doing some shopping for her work Christmas exchange. It was really windy and my hair was not cooperating at all this day (which is why it went up, lets get serious i need a haircut like something fierce). I also hadn't had the chance to wear my snakeskin yet this fall, i kind of got this piece (thrifted Chicos) as a potential re-fashion and just haven't come up with what to do. It was perfect for this outfit. I have been gravitating to tights/leggings + skirts + t-shirts and sweaters lately. It is just so easy and comfortable! The theme for todays other photography is "Other People's Animals". 

My aunts dog Daisy! Part of the reason I wanted to include her is right now Target has these dog costumes in the dollar section and one is a PENGUIN and I just thought omg if I had a daisy she would totally be a penguin...luckily they don't make them in Lily/Rue size! But they are made of felt and I was like "hmmmm I should make dog costumes!!!" (but NO i have tons of other projects silly Rachel!)

My friend Anissas gorgeous cat Kona. She has the prettiest tail that she parts in the middle and she makes the cutest noises! I love her and her brother Roman (which is why Troy is named Troy actually!) 

It is so busy at any retail establishment this time of year. I love when people ask if they can take a picture of both of us and my mom and I are like NO or we give in and are like surreeeee. There were tons of people going in and out of target! I even saw my cousin as we were leaving Hobby Lobby! 

~Outift Details~
Tshirt: Hand me over from Kristin's Mom
Skirt: Old Navy | Super Ancient
Tights: I think I got them for dance somewhere along the way
Snakeskin Jacket: Chico's | Thrifted Hope's Outlet
Boots: Carlos Santana | Ebay
Bag: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger | Salvation Army GR
Necklace: Thrifted | Hopes Outlet in GH

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  1. Such fun photos!! You are so cute! I love your style!


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