Tuesday, December 4, 2012

!@#$ pants. day one-hundred-seventeen.

"For a girl who has a thing against pants, you sure wear a lot of pants!" said a friend to me, and I replied "!@#$ pants!" But seriously pants kind of irritate me. I understand women suffered so I could wear pants but sometimes I find them really limiting. In general I find a lot of clothes limiting. So this day when I just wanted to chill around, do some sewing and card making I opted for what I call "not pants, pants". THESE ARE NOT PANTS. They are sweats...or pajamas. I get really sad when I see people in Meijer wearing pajamas (like the printed ones) sweats are a little better.... (OK like I'm one to judge, in college I did that, I just observe this and automatically think they have no clothes and I should take them shopping!). But REALLY? You leave the house one time and you can't even throw on real pants? Its like they all said !@#$ pants! Anyway I am on this really mean soapbox and I really am not mean......So here I am showing you real life like always, this is what I wore, I didn't go anywhere this day but EVERYDAY I take a picture of what I actually wore. It's crazy right..but its kind of my M.O. and I think you appreciate it! Or at least I hope you do, this is the whole idea! That I show you what its like to be a real person/fashion blogger. Sometimes I look awesomesauce and other times I look like the crazy old man in sweatpants. Crazy.

SIDE NOTE: Amazing stuff happening on the blog! Having a full blog-redesign done and its going well so far. It will be a process (since I am learning and doing it myself thanks to the lovely girls at A BEAUTIFUL MESS for their course they have (so worth it FYI). The first thing I wanted to do that you can SEE is the CALENDAR PAGE.  Please check it out! It is a great way if you are new to the blog to see what I have worn everyday all at once. There will be more awesome changes coming I will keep you posted in but check this one out! 

(since i was on a fur-baby kick) Here are my dawgs. Rue is on the left and Lily on the Right (ish). They are always really excited to go outside. 

April 27th 2010 127
A squirrel on MSU's campus...man those squirrels are crazy 

See look I even make fun of myself(left me) and judge myself(right me) in sweatpants...woah.... that's some inception %^&*. 

I seriously haven't worn these shoes in ages. I didn't even go longboarding this summer (sadface). Thats basically why I keep them around. I never got my Smokin Mad Love board this summer either (which makes sense why I didn't go) I think now I may have a custom one done. Maybe YOSF inspired or something. Anyway they are comfy. That is all. Rock on with your non-pants pants!!!! 

~Outfit Details~
Non-Pants-Pants: Got them in College for an Orchesis Concert <3 miss that 
Tshirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet in GH
Sweater: Thrifted | I also wore it Hard vs Soft
Coat: Nordstroms Rack a few years back
Shoes: DC | Skate shop years back
Hat: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet 



    1. tripod, dont move it for 2 photos. then i cropped and made a collage with them two and they should overlap perfectly! voila!

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