Monday, December 3, 2012

silk and combat boots. day one-hundred-sixteen.

It's Monday again! Crazy how that creeps around again every oh like seven days or something ;). I tend to get a big case of the Mondays so I like to do fun things on Monday like YOGA and more meditation than normal, venture to the library etc. I also have a goal this week to spend quite a bit of time working on that blog course and redesigning the blog. I keep myself pretty busy between job hunting, this blog, sewing and constantly adding to the lists! But Mondays always require more coffee (I want to get more into tea and start laying off the coffee a bit), and more structured lists (otherwise i tend to spend too much time on bloglovin catching up instead of doing real work). Anyway hope you don't have a case of the Mondays or if you do this blog helps to cheer you up a bit!

A cow in Alabama taken this Spring. 

The Light Posts at Michigan State University Hort Gardens. I love that place and miss it dearly

The pier in Grand Haven! You can see my sister and her fiance up ahead walking my dogs :) this was a beautiful day this summer. 

I loved pairing these really utilitarian style combat boots with these fantasticly feminine burgundy vintage silk pants! I fem-med it up even more with a lace tank and a cutesie hat! I ended up switching to a beanie because it was SO COLD and WINDY and my hat kept blowing away! 

~Outfit Details~
Tanks: Lace Thrifted | Hope's Outlet ; Under Old Navy | Years Back
Pants/Belt: Vintage Madmoiselle | My Mom Gave me :D
Cardigan: Vintage Lady Caroe of NY (Union Label!) | Hope's Outlet in GH ( I wore it back on DAY FIFTEEN with some sweet sparkle shorts!)
Boots: Younkers last fall
Bag: Chocolate Handbags of New York | Uniquely Stranded in GH (Closed)
Lotus Necklace: Plato's Closet Way Back
Bangle Bracelet: Lane Bryant Years Back
Hat: Thrifted | Goodwill in GH


  1. First off, I love those pants.

    Secondly...if it's not intrusive to ask- what blog course are you doing and what types of jobs are you looking for? (I'm substitute teaching and have been applying for elementary ed. positions for about four years now. Ugh. Feels as if the search never ends, though there have been jobs in-between of course....)

    1. thank you!

      not intrusive whatsoever. the course is here: done by a beautiful mess (i love them, they are very inspiring) it has already done me so much good! i am redeveloping my brand and created the calendar page (titled the YEAR of slow fashion on my pages, check it out!) i am learning a ton of html and photoshop stuff i never knew!

      also job wise: my degrees are in horticulture and agriculture. I am seriously looking for anything inspiring either related or unrelated to that! Keep up with the teaching stuff, it took one of my friends about 5 years, she actually decided to start her masters which gave her a leg up just an idea!

      and as always thanks for the lovely comments! xoRach

  2. i love this outfit!!! so rad and unique!! the tones are so captivating!! love the deep purples!! :D great job on putting this together!!

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  3. Great pics, really love that cardigan!!

    xo Ashley


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