Thursday, December 13, 2012

tenden POP UP! day one-hundred-twenty-six.

Nothing is more right to wear to the TENDEN pop up shop than a TENDEN piece! So i chose the sparkly lacy number I got from the fall collection and kind of changed it up a bit from the last time I wore it. I added a sparkly belt, a white-tank and some fun grey shoes so its quite different from DAY FORTY-FIVE. There were some other great artisans and I got a few gifts for people but here is a list of some other things I like from their online stores. 

1. I am still obsessed with this SPARKLY CREW shirt from TENDEN would be great for holidays. 
2. These SALMON CORAL BRASS earrings from OOD jewelry. 
3. This Whipped Body Butter from Braids of Grass. 

I love buying things locally! 

tenden collage1
(these photos are stolen from Todds Instagram cause I forgot to take some!)

I am trying to buy all my presents locally or second hand! So far so good :D

~Outfit Details~
Top: TENDEN | Check out his new website
Pants: Paige Denim | Nordstroms Rack
Shoes: from Uniquely Stranded (old store in downtown GH)
Belt: Express | Ages ago
Coat: Michael Kors | Nordstroms Rack


  1. I've never heard of Tenden and still only have a vague concept of what a "pop-up shop" is (like regular businesses selling stuff in different-than-usual places, right?), but I DO know you look cute in that top. Lace is so fun.

    1. Tenden is a local designer here in Grand Haven MI, i weare A LOT of his stuff i am going to be interviewing him here in the next month! I still don't even know what a pop up shop really means either!!!!

  2. This top is so pretty! It's definitely begging to be worn over the holidays. You and your blog are so cute!

    1. thank you! i love getting to pull out all the holiday sweaters! xoRachel


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