Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after Christmas (another party). day one-hundred-thirty-nine.

Happy Boxing Day! (and we digress) I had been waiting for holiday parties to wear this amazing vintage Italian wool green dress, some of the pictures just didn't turn out that great but i used them anyway! This day we had our progressive dinner party that is a holiday tradition for our family friends. We all host a course of a meal and go from house to house, when I was a kid we were not invited but now we are older and the friend base has dwindled. We only did two houses this year but I hope some day in the future to host my own course! My mom did appetizers/dinner and my favorite 'aunt' and 'cousins' hosted dessert! It was so fun. Photos were tough to take because I didn't get ready until 'later' (this is like 4:30 eastern time..ridiculous). So bear with them!

Our lovely spread at my home!

December 24, 2012 047
December 24, 2012 052
December 24, 2012 053
Bev's lovely spread! I love our addition of our 'fancy' beers below. hahaha. 
December 24, 2012 054

Hope everyone is continuing to have an amazing holiday! I got my job and will be starting on the 7th of January so I am trying to relax as much as possible (and catch up on the blog/projects until then!) I am really pumped and an official shout out will likely come in a few days but I just couldn't hold it in! 

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Vintage Italian Wool Dress | Thrifted 
Combat Boots: Younkers last year
Belt: Thrifted
Watch: Michael Kors (gift)


  1. congrats on the new job! i love that dress sooo cute :) ive held off on pics this week because its always dark when im ready to go! it bites lol hope you had a great Christmas!

    1. thank you so much! i am pumped! the darkness is killing me!!!!!!!

  2. Your dress is lovely! It sounds like such a fun tradition. It's a great idea when you have people fighting over where to host things!

  3. Hey Rachel, I was wondering if you ever got your button? I emailed it to you about a week ago.
    The forest green is fabulous by the way!


    1. oh my gosh! just saw it now! i dunno how i missed it. Will reply soon!

  4. My mother has had that camera for 3 years and she still doesn't know how to work it haha. I see that you've updated the site! Love it Rach! :)


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