Monday, December 31, 2012

storm, earth, fire, beer. day one-hundred-forty-four

So time for some secret spilling. You might not peg me for one but I am one of those super geeks who plays video games A LOT. And one of my favorites is probably the dorkiest thing ever, World Of Warcraft. You have probably seen previews for the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, at Movies, on TV etc. I actually recall the night it came out counting down the moments and playing it right when it came out. My entire family actually plays, it kind of started when we all lived in different places as a way to hang out and it has become an obsession for all of us. I got this awesome t-shirt for Christmas and could NOT wait to wear it! Super dork!

I think its so cool :) 

OH and i painted my nails with pandas and the Horde symbol (FOR THE HORDE!). Long story, if you don't play it makes no sense but the horde is cooler than the alliance ;) just saying. 

I think I make uber gamer-dork look pretty good! Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve!!!

~Outfit Details~
Tshirt: WoW Shirt, A gift | Find yours HERE
Skirt: Old Navy a long long time ago
Cardigan: Nordstroms Rack awhile back
Bracelet: Hightower Chains
Socks: Halloween socks
Belt: Express
Boots: Carlos Santana | Ebay

Sunday, December 30, 2012

the lost Chicago post. day one-hundred-forty-three.

December 24, 2012 034
I took these pictures with my iphone so I kind of forgot about them! These are from an awesome day at the museum with Tim before XMAS in Chicago. Its probably not worth a traditional bloggers time to post this but I need all the posts I can get! Plus there are some cool backgrounds. I highly recomend making it for the Maharaja exhibit, I am obsessed with all things India though so I may be biased. You couldn't take photos in there though so there is nothing from there.

December 24, 2012 009
I love the fashion exhibit! So fun to see fashion through the ages....

December 24, 2012 018
We had a blast messing around in the ancient americas exhibit. Here we are before the Mayan calendar counting down to the end of the world! Dang we were wrong ;) 
PicMonkey Collage
Here we are with Sue! I am deathly afraid of dinosaurs (i know its ridiculous ok) so this was TOUGH for me to do. But I did it! 
December 24, 2012 038
December 24, 2012 027
I about died in the plant exhibit. It was AMAZING. I love all plants and really love learning plant names etc. So here I am in front of a pitcher plant! I got to see some really cool ones when I lived in Alabama! I am such a dork I love museums I would LOVE to work at one or live near one!
~Outfit Details~
Shirt: Vintage Handmade Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Jeans: Express | Plato's Closet
Boots: Thrifted
Owl Necklace: Thrifted

Saturday, December 29, 2012

farm attitude. one-hundred-forty-two.

I'm kickin fast fashions butt! (with my fast fashion shoes..hahaha)

Norma said I looked a bit like I should be on a safari so logically I decided to do some claw poses ;)

im really obsessed with the look of baggy pants tucked into combat boots. I did a similar thing with the other part of this amazing silk burgundy set with a hat and some awesome 80's prints on DAY ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN. 


~Outfit Details~
Tank Top: My mom's from the Madmoiselle set | I also featured this top in the SEPTEMBER ISSUES the first time, then it was with the amazing blue blazer for BURGUNDY AND BLUE
Shirt: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet
Pants: Thrifted set a long time ago
Combat Boots: Younkers last year
Necklace: Thrifted | St Vincent Depauls in GR

Friday, December 28, 2012

haircut and lots of plaid! day one-hundred-forty-one.

I got a haircut!!!! So my hair gets AWFULLY dry and frizzy all winter long. The world just sucks any potential dead-hair moisture that may still exist  I am always doing oil treatments etc but nothing works! Solution=cut my hair (duh!) for most people this is like a thing you make an appointment for and then you go but for me I haven't had it done professionally in years (and I know it shows..but whatever its what I got right now) so i forget. My mom does my hair and I think she does a great job! I miss Toni and Trudi though (the only 2 hairdressers I have EVER had..and Mandy oh Mandy I need to see you bad...shes a friend who does hair and has the cutest baby I have ever seen).

I love this old brooch. Its some of the amazing collection of costume jewelry my g-ma owned. Awesomesauce. Just pure awesomesauce. I have never done this look before but Have always wanted to try it. I LOVE IT. I am also a huge fan of this 'plaid' mixing. 

Also side note - I am aware my post for yesterday never posted until this morning :( and really upset! because I have NEVER missed a day yet :( So you get two today...sigh....

~Outfit Details~
Jeans: c/o TENDEN
Shirt: Thrifted a long while ago
Sweater: Handmade Thrifted | Hope's Outlet in GH
Brooch: G'ma's | From My Mom's Jewelry Box
Boots: BD | Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park
Watch: Michael Kors | An amazing Gift! 

sister time. day-one-hundred-forty.

I don't get to spend much time with my sister alone anymore, she is engaged and her and Andy always come together. So when the boys slept in we had an opportunity to go out on our own and took full advantage it was so much fun! We stopped at one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Holland and had some amazing nom's and finished off our Christmas shopping lists! 

I just adore her curly hair! We both like a few things about each other more than we do on ourselves and her hair is definitely one! It used to be really really long but she donated it to locks for love earlier this fall! Go her!

My sister is probably the favorite photographer of mine. She makes it so fun and always comes up with weird ideas! (see more to come in a few posts) Don't get my wrong I love ALL of my photographers but when you do this daily its fun to have someone who likes to change it up a bit! 

~Outfit Details~
Sweater: Thrifted | Hope's Outlet in GH
Pants: Thrifted | Ditto Resale in Holland
Belt: Hand me over from my sister
Coat: Nordstroms Rack a few years ago
Boots: Hand me over from Anissa
Bag: Vintage Tommy Hilfiger | Salvation Army in GR
Chainmaille: Hightower Chains 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after Christmas (another party). day one-hundred-thirty-nine.

Happy Boxing Day! (and we digress) I had been waiting for holiday parties to wear this amazing vintage Italian wool green dress, some of the pictures just didn't turn out that great but i used them anyway! This day we had our progressive dinner party that is a holiday tradition for our family friends. We all host a course of a meal and go from house to house, when I was a kid we were not invited but now we are older and the friend base has dwindled. We only did two houses this year but I hope some day in the future to host my own course! My mom did appetizers/dinner and my favorite 'aunt' and 'cousins' hosted dessert! It was so fun. Photos were tough to take because I didn't get ready until 'later' (this is like 4:30 eastern time..ridiculous). So bear with them!

Our lovely spread at my home!

December 24, 2012 047
December 24, 2012 052
December 24, 2012 053
Bev's lovely spread! I love our addition of our 'fancy' beers below. hahaha. 
December 24, 2012 054

Hope everyone is continuing to have an amazing holiday! I got my job and will be starting on the 7th of January so I am trying to relax as much as possible (and catch up on the blog/projects until then!) I am really pumped and an official shout out will likely come in a few days but I just couldn't hold it in! 

~Outfit Details~
Dress: Vintage Italian Wool Dress | Thrifted 
Combat Boots: Younkers last year
Belt: Thrifted
Watch: Michael Kors (gift)