Saturday, January 26, 2013

12 signs your having fun. day one-hundred-seventy.

I felt like doing another throw-back post. I feel like its fair, I never have and its been quite a few posts. I was going through old pictures and noticed a trend, when I am with others I tend to get really silly! Its fun :) A lot of these shots made the blog some not :D you can see them all on my facebook (once I upload them), or on my Flickr, which is a huge sneak preview. IMG_7125
Such a fun time. Making my coworkers take shots of me. Lindsey was so fun to hang out with all summer and she was one of the first people who took photos of me :) loved it! Awesome job. Also gotta love jean shorts. 

Always a fun time in Chicago with the favorite cousin "quotes". I always say its good we didn't grow up the same age, so true.....out of control. 

Always fun catching up with Hightower. Favorite Bracelet Ever (evidence: look at photo below). Featured all the time. Get yours HERE. Lunch and clothes! Love this purple wall. 

Loved my mom taking photos of me for the first time on the farm! Makes me miss summer a bit. Oh and those houndstooth pants? Making a comback here soon.

Having fun making the boy learn about framing 'no my head to my feet' . He was doing fine but I got snappy but we had a laugh about it right after shoulda been in a movie!

Farmers market with this fun sweater and my moms necklace. 

DYING of laughter and almost falling off the pumpkin pyramid at pumpkin patch. 

Hanging out in downtown GH with my sister and her fiance. Yay!

Having a laugh at the wall across from work. 

Unable to contain myself when I quit my job. 


Looking back on these posts makes me happy. And makes me realize I need to change the sizes of some photos now that I have resized my blog. Ah well I will someday :) 

Tomorrow I will hopefully do an outfit post. Or who knows. See how it goes

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