Wednesday, January 9, 2013

boyfriend clothes. day one-hundred-fifty-three

There is a huge trend for 'boyfriend' style things going around. I talk a lot about trends on this blog and have also previously  mentioned how these trends keep coming IN and OUT of style frequently. For me trends are kind of a jumping off point seasonally. They remind me of things I may have forgotten like OH YAH print mixing is cool, or florals can be really fun. But I never really rely on them. I never have and I think when you are developing your style you shouldn't. Otherwise you are just into 'fashion' and not into 'style'. Even though I am still discovering my personal style I like to think of myself as the latter. Anyway I digress, I love the trend of 'boyfriend' style things. SO guess what I did? Stole my boyfriends clothes of course! This is his sweater/shirt, mind you it is kind of nice that he is close to my size ;) I loved this sweater he has from express it is so stinkin soft!

This is sadly the last post from Chicago :( I don't know when I will get to visit again so that is REALLY sad. I am finally feeling much better but the long days with the new job are making me nervous about getting sick again! I have spent very little time away from work being awake. Mostly working on this blog, and the new food blog with my mom which will come out this weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! 

~Outfit Details~
Shirt and Sweater: Boyfriends!
Pants: Thrifted | Ditto in Holland
Shoes: Gift from Boy | Steve Madden
Belt: Gift from Boy | Steve Madden
Necklace: Gift from Sister
Chainmaille: Hightower Chains

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  1. I like the chambray with a black sweater--cute combo! :D


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